Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mlm4anemone's Mighty John Carter of Mars

Like I mentioned last week, I picked up the entire Marvel Series of John Carter Warlord of Mars comic books and have been engrossed in them since. One of the things I was a little reluctant about when I rediscovered the books last year was the costume. In the books John and everyone else is naked, save for their trappings. There is actually a lot of art that depicts this. Of course Marvel couldn't get approval from the comics code if they published a nudiest book. They actually came up with a really hot sexy costume for John, as well as for Tars and Dajah. So this is effecting my commission choices. Yep I already commissioned two images. This is my first commission with my old friend MLM4anemone. I wanted a traditional piece from him. I really enjoy hand done art so much. I like to see all his little sketch lines and stuff. Of course the whole process went very smoothly. He is still open for commissions so you should check him out!
I wanted John done in his style with a LARGE uncut dick. :P This is the second Comics character MLM4anemone has drawn, I hope you guys dig it as much as I do!

WOw wow wow!!!!! I don't know what he bigger threat is, that sword, or dick! XD

First off the face is GORGEOUS! It's really sexy! He has the best smile and his eyes are pools of heavenly Blue! Two beautiful shimmering marbles that could light up the dark side of the moon. His hair is so soft and wonderfully down. I definitely have a thing for his Marvel do now thanks to MLM4. Dang, I could pat a hair do like that for hours! LOL.
I love love LOVE his neck and how the collar raises above him like that with the shading, it looks nice a big on him, like he had likes to wear something very loose so he can free himself quickly for love making. XD HA HA HA!

His chest is amazing too! Nice and big and strong...wipes drool from mouth. :P I love his big arms and all the ornaments on him from his arm bracelets to his sword and head jewelry is amazing. Nice details with all the heads on the buckle/belt around his waist. All the coloring and shading made him look twice as big as he had looked with in the magnificent sketch.
Nice big leg! I like his huge balls and the girth he gave his cock by adding the lines running along the width of it.! Super sweet boots too! Ah those classic hero boots. ^_^

Thanks MLM4! Here's to many more. See you guys next time!


  1. Love the colors in the skin! Specially in the thighs and the dick, where you can appreciate them better.
    nice work indeed!

  2. MUCH love Matt :D I loved this specific character and his sexy hot bod! He's like a god xD

  3. Woh nice huge weapon he had my friend I salute your awesome work :D - FallenAngel

  4. Awww oh Mr. Prince, you're blogging sooo much, I cannot keep up. D: I'll have to find time to comment on everything soon enough.
    I'll take this one first! MLM4 does really good hyper buffness and you got yourself a winning image here, really good quality stuff. Another series I am totally in the dark about, but I like how it turned out well enough. ^^ Nicely done! :3



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