Friday, September 24, 2010

A New Centaur ready for love, or War by Aneros! Holocene Fan art!

Not too long ago I saw a cover model and thought..fuck, there's someone you would give anything to spend 10 mins with! LOL. The image of his frame and face burned into my mind and I started to have other I bet this rugged guy would be hung like a horse..and so the natural thing to do, was take the basic look and convert it into a new character, a centaur. I wanted to centaurs for a long time now, ever since strider really opened my eyes to them. I showed my concept to Aneros was not only interested in doing him, but some centaurs of his own too.

I told him the horse type and the stance and he went to work. He asked me if he could have some fun with him. I said sure and he came up with all this cool battle armor and weaponry befitting a warrior of the royal cavalry. My jaw dropped! He got so creative with his outfit it took a while to take in all the details. Even at the end I was still noticing stuff I missed. (Like the plate in front of his human crotch..could he be hiding something?) Doesn't he look like he belongs in a sexy game of risk, or something? XD Just amazing..those Games Workshop people would be proud! XD If there miniatures looked like this, I would be way more interested!

I was looking for a bronzen sculpted God of a man Aneros was on the case right from the start. He gave him some sweet caramel skin, strong chin, sexy long hair and a freaking big frame! I can just picture those big shoulders of his swaying side to side with each strut of his powerful horse body. The man would demand attention with every movement. Aneros coloring is superb. From his green emerald eyes, the textures on the chest strap, the fine bristly hairs on his body to the cute bright pink head poking from under his thick foreskin, he's awesome!

This was Aneros first Centaur so feel free to share your thoughts!
We are still working on a name for him.
Equinador.... XD Equine Amore.
Mercury Flame?? XD

I will have to pair him with some noble warriors soon!

Speaking of noble characters, check this funny sequel picture to FallenAngels swinging Holocene Toros!

I wonder if Fallen took inspiration from my own life this week when doodling this absolutely charming image! After falling Holocene raises to face life yet again, undaunted by minor set backs! LOL that monkey! XD
FallenAngel did a great job with his beard, it's really thick and full. Same with his sexy eyebrows. Love that design A LOT. As well he has such nice arms and legs...but it's that middle swinging lag with the foreskin covering it that caught my eye!!! Thank you so much FallenAngel, your fan arts are so playful and sexy. This one is really picked up me!

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  1. Impressice centaur by Aneros, and what great rod he's packing there :D

    Glad you like my sequel Holocene, surprisingly I draw him a funny scene and coincendence matched to you and the previous comish I did LOL* - FallenAngel



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