Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Very Sweet Fan Arts by AD140 and FallenAngel!

This week I got some awesome fan art created by the wonderful FallenAngel and AD140! AD140 sent me two super sweet images of Joey on Sunday morning. That was a huge surpise! It' with great pleasure that I present them here today!

Ad140 wrote some very flattering comments about how hot the finds the character and how he wished someone would put him in a traditional boxing style robe. Well..he made my wish come true, cause I too had that through lingering in my mind as well!

What AD140 Wrote (still blushing):

A gift for the awesome Dinosaurprince!
I LOVE his OC, Joey. I always loved the boxer archetype...and it's great seeing so much of him around this place! But I feel like there STILL isn't enough of Joey around, and DinosaurPrince has always been really kind about my work, so here's a thanks to him as well as for making one of the hottest OCs I've ever seen! :drool:

So for all of you out there, would you draw some more Joey? :kitty2:

My reaction:
This blue hue image is spectacular. Nice, Joey looks like he is being introduced at a match here. I like the hoody robe outfit. It once crossed my mind about putting him in one of these robes, but I never went about pursuing it. If you hadn't drawn this, I might never have seen him so adorned. It's great to see how sexy you made him look in one! Makes me wish boxers could come out with their cocks out! Again sweet lighting effect.
Thanks so much!

My reaction early Sunday morning:

Wow, this woke my butt up! Not one, but two fan arts of my little Joey? :heart::blush::heart: Thanks Andy! WOW that is one frigging big dick and such big bouncy balls! Can you imagine the jiggle effect when he jumps? :exclaim: :lol:
Dang he is CUTE! Love his adorably shaped ears. :inlove: Hee hee, is he putting his hand in front of his face to hold back the applause from the crowed as they gaze on his perfect form? :P
What nice round pectorals! Gropes! Thank you so very much! This really made my Sunday so exciting already. Gives hug.
PS I love the Sting like a Bee name on the other title! ^_^

That was just so wonderful of him! Andy is a sweet guy. He has such a classic style and it was awesome to see Joey done this way! Love his hair! XD

If that was not enough Dimata and Lil Deep got some FallenAngel attention this week as well! Check them out!

Dimata and penguins!!!!! PENGU!!!! SO CUTE! OMG! My heart just melts every time I see this. The snow man at the top! HA HA HA!!!! I love it cause it is so adorable!
Awe! This makes me feel the need to start moving away from sex and do more cute stuff!!! I think I will use this as my Christmas Card.
I AM posting this up on my wall behind my PC today. ^_^ Fallen is always so creative. He is just bursting with ideas like this!

Here he once again takes on Lil'Deep!

There's a lot be said about this Deep! But what caught my attention the most was his well shaped nose, which makes his profile very handsome. The somewhat tired expression in his eyes, coupled with his flopping down hair, add a touch of humanity to him. He's in need of that welcomed drink and company of his seal friend. (Ah the welcomed company of pets after a hard day, eh? The little sunglasses wearing crab is such a funny touch. It's funny, but Deep Reminds me of Randy West a bit.
These two images remind me of Akira Toriyamas chapter introduction pages in Dragon Ball and those found in the Manga One Piece as well.

Thank you so much Ad140 and FallenAngel! You guys really are too sweet for words. :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed my take on Lil deep and Dimata, yeah inspired by One piece and DBZ cover/art :) I think I'll do more of them soon - FallenAngel

  2. Fallen is getting quite good at some solid buffness if I do say so myself. And that seal is so GOD DARNED CUTE GRRRR. X3 AND so are the penguiiiiinnnnsssssss Nuuuuuu!

    Nice stuff. XD;

  3. OMG DIMATA IS SO CUTE!!!! You must use this for x-mas cards cause I want one!!! Nice work Fallen :3

  4. Demona, thanks :D glad you like it :D

    Burisis, glad you like those penguins and sal as well :D

    - FallenAngel

  5. Debe ser la locura tener este cuerpazo encima, follándote salvajemente.



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