Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sun Sets on Summer...enjoy the final evenings...

Tonight I present three like themed images done by FallenAngel. So if you are a fallen fan, this will indeed be a treat for you! They are all set at night during the final days of summer as the blog title states. I am long out of school, but dang this weekend still holds a major pull on me. I tend to hang out with friends even more and reminisce about summers of old and the time well spent and wasted during the last three months. It's a somber weekend where even at my age I find myself trying to get as much into it as I can. (For no apparent reason, other then an old habit that won't die.)
So here we go with three characters taking in the cool summer air:

The Galaxy Snail, sits comfortably on his perch high above the Earth. He is so full of lust he squirms digging his bottom into the tree branch as his boner rages, leaking precum onto the world below. Such a rain few have seen before.

I had not forgotten about the Little snail. Sadly he did get thrown back a lot. This is the first color version of him produced. I really love how Fallen gave him those big spirit filled eyes. He made his chest nice and big, but over all gave his body a smooth soft twinky quality that is very fitting. It's a shame his cool shaped penis head is a bit covered by the watermark. Funny enough the original shell color is red and when I saw the preview on my shitty work PC I thought the orange was red too. Instead of asking for a change I left it as is cause I like the orange as well. I think the little one on the lower branch was a cute touch too. It's nice to see the milky way included in this, as it gives it a very far out feel.

Next up is some fan art for the Fantastic Zahn 2, which I really must do a review for in the morning. I have been slacking on that and I have much to say about the title.
I feel a special bond with the character Meezok, a kind priest introduced in this volume. I asked Fallen to draw him, cause I was so smitten with him. Outside of a head shot there are no full body images of the character available so I had to explain to FallenAngel what he looks like. That included the awesomely odd armpit hair. ('He has what where?' Laughed FallenAngel in his immediate reaction. XD) He did a bang up job on him. He really captured his gentle demeanor. I love the lighting effects from the magic fire illuminating his face. Ah, for the nights spent by a lake at the end of summer eh? I would love bring down the passion in that cut boner by the raging fire wouldn't you? :P

Praying to Ajul in the evening, who will help him spill his seed? I like the little symbols on each stone. I forgot to ask FallenAngel what inspired those. Excellent job, on his chest, and arms. Love the glowing circle illuminating him. Really nice tress in the backdrop as well. ^_^ Another great piece!

Oh wow last night Fallen presented me with some fan art! A super sexy version of Jamun dancing in the desert evening. I see camel toe! Oh I love the technique he used to colored her! It's very beautiful. He skin is exquisite! She has something more then song and dance on her mind by the look in her eyes. I adore the new colors of her costume, especially the pink belt. Man there is nothing like the desert at night with a full moon illuminating the sand is there? It's so romantic, echoing the age of the great classic romances from 100 years ago. :)
Ah thanks Fallen! It really brought a big smile to may face! You are always so kind to me my big pare. ^_^

I hope you all are spending this final weekend of vacation with the people you care about and are milking every moment of every hour to get the most enjoyment before school starts!

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  1. I'm happy you enjoy them Meezok is one I have fun creating the background, oh the signs are random I was reading too much Hellboy LOL* - FallenAngel



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