Thursday, September 16, 2010

Journal of an Explorer

This is a really hot story written by the one and only FallenAngel. All our talk of Tarzan and John Carter these days must be having a very positive effect on him to write such a tantalizing tale as this. He gave me the honor of editing it. I did my best to not change it much. This is the hot story of a young man about to explore some of the sexy jungle fauna!

Journal of an Explorer
By FallenAngel

April 02, 1930 Africa

It was a good day for exploring. The sun is out. We have
food and supplies that'll last for 3 months.

It was exciting, for we are to explore the area for the legendary tribe of "Forest People." Many have tried, but failed. The professor and me got ourselves 10 workers to carry our stuff and 1 guide named Mabootu to guide us into the lush jungle before us. The jungle is so thick and alive yet you can hear the faintest sound from an insect.

But what's more exciting is our guide Mabootu, a well built man of 20 years old. With his wild locks of hair tied up behind his back and his dark smooth skin that glistens in the sun. Weapons adorn him, including his huge jungle bolo, bow and quiver hanging on his shoulder. His dons only a small loincloth of lion skin to cover his crotch and bum. (but seems impossible to cover anything.) He is Like a beautiful god of paradise.

When he bends down to check the soil, god! I could see his well shaped round ass! I would swallow seeing that gorgeous bum, I almost want to grab and squeeze it! I could feel my cock making a pointed tent in my shorts. It's so embarrassing but I'm glad no one noticed it.

Mabootu climbed up tree to check our location. As I looked up I almost died, I saw and beheld his thick uncut cock dangling between his legs!! I could even see its reddish head peeking out of the foreskin. I could feel my heart beating fast and sweat forming on my head.

When he got down and told the professor 'bout the area, he looks at me and smiles. I blink. Mabootu; still smiling, continues to scout. I wondered what was that all about.

As we took a break, I sat in the shade of a tree, drinking water. In front of me I saw Mabootu sitting lazily on the soft grass. He was looking around us in case any unwanted guests might appear. What really made me look at him is that his cock was resting on the soft grass! His lion skin was lifted up and I see his thick manhood!

I gulped seeing how thick and dark it was, his head reddish like a cherry poking out of the skin. I gasped a bit as he spread his leg wider to let me see better. It was then that I notice he was looking at me and smiling!

I blushed in embarrassment, but he never said anything as he continued to look at me
in amazement, with his legs now spread wide open.

The others went to scout ahead with the professor that left me, Mabootu and 3 workers who were sleeping. We continued to stare at each other. Then Mabootu shifted his body as he then held his cock in his hand and began masturbating in front of me!

I froze at what I was seeing. I squeezed my water container and began breathing hard. Mabootu smiles as if he knows he is doing something right. He continued to rub his cock till I see it getting hard and long! Estimating about 12 inch long and 2inch thick, it was a monster!

Its head pop out and was dripping with precum. He was gasping and sweating as he continued to rub his cock. I can feel his breath getting faster as his fast quickened its motion. He grunted as I saw thick white cum erupting from his cock. I have never seen such thick, creamy cum oozing out like that.

He catches his breath, but my eyes are glued the thick cum as it continues to pour out of his cock. He squeezed to make sure everything had poured out.

He then gets up to go on patrol and he looked at me naughtily as he left. I was still frozen where I sat. I could feel my cock was so damn hard, it wanted badly to come out of my shorts!

April 03, 1930 Africa

I couldn't sleep that night, my mind was been full of Mabootu's action from that afternoon! I walked a bit. Funny, every time I think of him, my damn cock tries to get out!

I was always follow behind Mabootu. I hold a rifle just in case I need to back him up. But seeing his bum swaying like that, how the hell was I suppose to focus?!

12:30nn The professor takes a rest. The sun is high and we're all sweating like pigs. I already removed my damn shirt cause of the heat, my pale skin reddening from the heat. My tank top stuck to my chest as sweat rolled down into it. I looked at my arm and flexed a bit. I guess doing college football at the gym helped my stamina. The heat kept nagging at my head I cursed. I wish I was in the Carri bean right now.

Mabootu told the professor he'll scout ahead and the professor called me to join him. I almost lost my footing when the professor said that, never the less, we went together.

As we walked side by side I couldn't help but blush seeing this cute native beside me. I felt like a wolf with a sheep. I wanted to eat him!

Then Mabootu saw something and he urged me to check it out. He slapped my butt before I went ahead. I rubbed my behind. I almost felt like he was groping my bum. It was some old ruined city, already the jungle had claimed most of the area, but the pillars and some of the building can still be seen rising from the growth.

As I went near Mabootu he was crouching and checking something. My eyes were locked on his bare bum once again. My heart begin to pump fast from just looking at that round smooth glorious thing.

I dunno what came over me, but I quickly embraced Mabootu from behind to his surprise! I ripped off his loin cloth and groped his cock. He was surprise and tried to say something, but I couldn't hear what it was. I felt his cock in my hand and I began rubbing it. He struggled but I held on him tightly.

He keep saying words I couldn't understand as I continued to masturbate him. His cock was swelling, getting so hard. Soon he was moaning and gasping. I continue rubbing his manhood and I could smell his sweaty skin as I lick his skin. He gasped one last time as he came, so thick and white shooting out, staining the stone wall in front of us.

He was still in full bliss with me holding him tightly, when I felt that my cock was crying out to be free! I unzipped my fly and out came my 13inch cock! Mabootu felt it poking on his ass as he began ranting something else I couldn't understand. He stopped only when my cock had begun to bury itself into his asshole. Oh how tight it was!

Mabootu gasped and shivered as he tried to get use to my cock..I knew I couldn't stop now as I pushed all of it inside him. It was amazing! I began pounding his ass as he moaned and ranted something again, but this time I heard a few English words... "big".."good".."more!" It was enough for me to understand I was to I ram him deep with all of my cock!

I could fell the wet and hear the noise from his ass as I pounded him without mercy. His cock was hard, dangling like a necklace as he got on all fours, moaning and drooling. I kept pounding my cock inside him. His ass is amazing, much tighter than those guys in the locker room at college I use to fuck with after the game.

Sure enough my constant pounding made me reach my limit at this point. As I came inside him, he felt it and his muscles around my cock tightened. I heard the wet sound of his cock shooting out fresh cum once again.

His ass overflowed with cum, but I continued to ram it. He was still gasping and drooling uncontrollably, but I didn't stop. I wanted to keep fucking him. Soon enough we both caught our breath. I was spent, but even still I found my mouth latched to him, sucking and nipping on his nipples, making moan happily.

Mabootu said I'm welcome to fuck him again, as he knew how much I desired him and his sweet ass. He said he was mine for the taking. I smiled and continued to tease his nipples, with the hot sun blazing down on us. I'm sure the professor wouldn't mind if we were gone a little longer.

End for now


  1. Glad you like this fic I did, friend. Yeap too much John Carter stuff and I blame you for that! LOL* - FallenAngel

  2. End for now? Hmmm....are you write another that one? If yes then I will like to read this! I like those chacther two! :)

  3. Yep there is more coming. FallenAngel is working on a second part!

  4. WOW!! This fic was pretty damn hot!

  5. thanks guys for the comment :) will try to write the next one... - FallenAngel



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