Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brave Tale

Nehmes Brave One Janatu appears!

First off I want to thank everyone for all the visits. A couple days ago the blog reached over 100,000! That's a lot of people from all over the world coming to see all the wonderful art by the many contributors to this blog. Thanks for all the hits.

You know, you would think with all the writing and talking Lastmanouthere and I did regarding Nehmes lover the Brave One, we would have had a base image already drawn of him. The truth is, we didn't even have a proper name yet! XD Of course that was really the plan..a little known lover out of his past to be unveiled with time. Still, we both had some very strong ideas of what he should look like in our heads. So I set about the task of trying to come up with some sort of model for him. A base to start with that Lastmanouthere could mold into a perfect shape. It started with just a sketch of a warrior scratching himself.

He is just itchy, he doesn't have this...

I thought, okay, let's make him the base and work from there. Then I tried a few different hair styles. One was very big and parted down the middle, the other looked more Mayan to my mind, with a lot of square ends. He was a bit too youthful and a little too carefree in these sketches. At least it was more then enough to form a starting base.

You guys ask for it. -_- more of my doodles.. XD

That hair is definitely inspired by European cartoons. XD This guy still has some potential for another role.

Lastmanouthere and I met and chatted about what kind of outfit he should have. At the exact same time we both came to the conclusion that a Jaguars suit would be appropriate. We looked at a lot of images and my inspiration set me motion.
I was glad Lastmanouthere brought up the the proper hair style of a Mayan warrior.
That was when he said my two favorite words, he said the South Americans were known for their Long hair. Aweseome... XD
So my pen went mad scribbling the image as fast as I could.

The big hair in the front was scrapped. Out of the previous design the bangs were pretty much all that was kept. Silly me I used strips instead of spots in my rush. XD

The bangs were shortened and made spiky, very sexy. The hair in the back might still be long, ina pony tail, or just cut short. The Jaguar loincloth was exchanged for the plates, that while protective were a bit cumbersome and not quite as sexy. XD Lastman always the Gentleman created two versions by using layers to show off Janatus sexy hair! ^o^

And so it was that from my mess Lastman created a warrior worthy of making men join the army and then carrying a life long flame for. A perfectly sculpted teenager, his muscled frame chiseled to perfect in the hot jungle heat. A body created by days spent on the tops of pyramids doing exercise till his veins bulged and he sweated blood. He was taught the harshest of training in the deep jungle. The Cat soldiers instructed him in their animalistic fighting style till the day they hoped he could abandon his human side and fight as primal as a Jaguar. He soon earned the rank of Jaguar first class and was given an outfit befitting of his ferocity.

First off it's simply amazing what Lastman did with my simple design. The costume turned out way better then I could have imagined, or hoped. It's great when someone has so much fun with art. I really love those long slinky jaguar gloves. Nothing quit like them has been designed for any of our characters before..guys with XD Getting jerked off with those on would drive men crazy.
We both liked the plates, but I am glad that Lastman changed and replaced them with the cat pelt instead. I drool at the thought of him running, perhaps on all fours, all that cloth flopping around, bouncing on his big dick, making it hard...catching a glimpse of his perfection as he races that's a jungle hero! And speaking of his cock, what a huge one it is. Very shapely form, with the long foreskin lip and a vein so big and thick it casts a shadow as it raises high above the shaft. His pubes are so thick and stern, they look like a fro of animal fur adding to his primal appeal. So boner inducing hot.

Janatus frame is one of a young man that has been exercised to the limit and never over fed. Sculpted to be perfectly balanced between strength and speed. He's built his body to perfection thanks to Lastmans pen. The wonderful coloring job, where he shades in every sinew, exemplified his gorgeous design by adding so much shading to the muscles. The slender, muscular from is very fitting for a cat like warrior. Perfect for slinking around. Light weight enough to be nimble. Yet with his huge chest tapering to those chocolate gold blocks we call his abs, he looks strong enough to take down guys 3 times his size with ease.
With his face paint covering and the harness around his strong chest, he has the air of a melancholy Mayan super hero. The magical light in the background almost looks like a signal calling him into action.
Its lastmans awesome drawing that led me to these conclusions. It's given me much to think about. Furthering his personality and lifes story in my mind. From Simple infatuation inducing hunky warrior, to something far more.

But what of the albino jaguar outfit you ask? This is the outfit he earned near the end of his short glorified career...none had earned the honor of donning in 4 generations.

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  1. Man this is one hot guy :D leopard dress added combo :D - FallenAngel



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