Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sergent Owens Christmas Surprise

 All he wanted for Christmas was to spend it with Lawsuit.  So T-Boy Sen Owen this...Smart ass kid!  Still Owne wasn't going to complain!

Hey guys! I was going to post this for 'black Friday' but I had some family issues come up and was unable to!  (I also had to assemble a ski slope, but that's another story.)  I am really happy to be able to FINALLY share this picture with you today.  This was a Christmas gift from the Class Comics team from Leon De Leon and myself. It was in celebration as well of the new book (at the time) The Adventures of Lawsuit and T-Boy.  This was a  book that I found totally engaging to read.  And re-read again and again! 

For those of you that might not know, the Lawsuit characters appeared in a short comic that I personally discovered back in 2009.  I'm not really sure how old it is.  For years people would ask me if I knew anything about the title, or characters.  People thought it was a Class Comics project long before Jacob Mott was even on board with the Patrick and Fraser!  Why were people so enticed to see this comic completed?  Well, to answer that, here are the first few pages that were produced. I think you will get a good idea as to why from them!

I honestly don't know the history behind these pages.  Maybe this was a pitch, or was placed on a pay site, or just produced for Jacobs website for his fans.  All I know is, things went quiet for a very long time.  During this time, assumptions ran wild.  Every thing from Jacob losing the rights to the characters, to something still being in the works, but delayed, to Jacob just giving up on the characters altogether, was speculated upon.   So it came a huge surprise that delighted the hearts of many fans, when in 2014 Class Comics announced that there would be a full Lawsuit and T-Boy comic being released!  Anticipation ran high.  I can remember people emailing me filled with excitement and joy.  And why not? Jacob was already known from great erotic comics such as the Naked Justice Beggining series and the phenomenal Mako Finn, along with many strip show pages.  Now his fans would get to see him do one of his own stories. You could hear the precum dripping from the fanboys! 

I personally adored the book from page one onward.  I was one of those people that waited on baited breath for it's release.  Expectations were high and I was very pleased that Jacob kept the level of humor, story and sex on par with all his other projects with Class.  First off, both main characters are just so likable.  Lawsuit is sexy fun mix of Bruce Wayne and Phoenix Wright.  (Funny we don't see him do any court duty. Whispers..I don' think he is a real lawyer. Ohhh...)  Love his fuzzy chest. He's like the personification of every hot 90s comic book character that made it to animation, that you have longed over since youth!  A smart tough crime fighter, with a smoking body and a golden heart.  His young handicapped ward is T-Boy. He's fully of youth and sass.  Always ready with a clever comment, when he's not lending his brains and brawn to the situation at hand.  They make a super sexy team.

A few things I really enjoyed about this title.  They included a lot of different races.  This is something Class is good at, but I wanted to point out that I especially liked the Asian street tough.  He was hotness! Of course you already know that Leon and I were totally in love with Sargent Owen. Dang, we were hoping he would attend the stories after party from the second we saw him!  You will have to read the book to find out if he did, or not!
The characters all talk in British accents and that adds a heck of a lot to the characters as well as the setting as well.  A little slang goes a long way in establishing the world these people live in.
Another thing I really appreciated was that the book contains a full story.  Yes there is a set up for a sequel after the main story ends, but everything in the book is self contained. It's nice to have continuing stories, but considering how long fans waited for book one, I think it was an excellent idea to do a self contained story for the first book.  It was also great that the plot revolves around the same story as introduced in the original teasers.  Jacob expanded on it and gave the fans exactly what they were hoping for.

On that note, I got a real kick out of the enemy Fantasma and his army of horny zombies.  I love that old school magician/phantom of the opera vibe I got from him.  His zombie slaves got me all nostalgic, as they reminded me of the 'Fixed Idea' thugs from the acclaimed (though short lived) Cybersix series.  The concept of using zombies as they were originally view (mindless slaves, not cannibal corpses) also fit very well with classic bad guy persona that Fantasma portrays.

If you haven't picked up the book yet, you can get it here: The Adventures of T-Boy and Lawsuit.
They are having a big black Friday sale at Class Comics till Monday, so you can get it for for either 25-35% percent off, depending on if you want the print, or digital editions!  You have to use the code Noir.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Terricks Got Great Ass

Hey guys, this is the treat I promised a few days ago. I have had a hectic week. So I had to postpone this a bit.  Lastmanouthere drew this brilliant portrait of one of his oldest characters Terrick.  It's so very life like! The most realistic piece he has ever done.  I insisted on posting his masterpiece here.  It's amazing how much his art has evolved in a little over half a decade. I still draw the same as in high school! :P (Read as terribly.)   Anyway I am busting with pride to share with you my friends wonderful work.  Keep up the experimenting Lastmanouthere!

Terrick is the captain of the guarrds, well he was anyway.  He fell in love with the prince, had a falling out with king Lohab and left for a time.  The king despises him, but sent for him and his ensamble of heroes later on.  Lastman created him waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2007!!! God I was in my 20s still! LOL!  (Alright I was 30 by then..ugh.)
Here he is! So adorable!! hee hee.

You can see Lastmanoutheres posting of him here! 

You can see how he evolved and meet the rest of his friends from Seed Of The Gods Here!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hasi, Shepherd Prince of the Huichol

Hello Guys, it's a cold Sunday in November on my side of the Earth. First day we had real snow too. It's even colder for Lastmanouthere, who is living in Norway.  Despite the cold of our living conditions Lastman has beenchanneling the heat of his home back in Mexico, to bring us his latest couple of visions.  First up is the humble prince of the Shepherd Hasi.  Wouldn't you just love to be part of his flock, eh? ;D  His story is far more complicated than one of a humble leader of farmers though, as I will let Lastman enlighten you with below this beautiful portrait of manliness.

The Huichol are the most peaceful and civilised of the northern Chichimeca tribes. Quite content with their small fields just north from the Tarascan kingdom, the Huichol are not even warriors, they are shepherds. Good with the arrow, which they mostly use to chase away wolves and coyotes, they are not quite fitting with the barbarians from the other tribes under Tenson. According to their prince Hasi, a vision told him they should follow the Icy God of the Acaxe, so he pledges his tribe's allegiance to him. None of the Huichol are comfortable with this decision, but they follow Hasi into war regardless.

Hasi himself is a very calm and relaxed, though like a good leader he never hesitates in his duties, be it helping with the crops or sentencing a criminal to death. Instead of a spear, he carries a shepherds cane. Like all the dozen or so Huichol princes, he cam adds a subtle form of hypnotic magic, which he drives through his pan flute. He can make everyone who hears his music angry, doped, distracted, or even temporally crazy. In Tensons war, he and his fellows princes can put enemies to sleep while a barrage of arrows fall upon them, or break the Aztec armies formation by driving the soldiers mad with fear, while other squadrons take the physical combat.

It sounds like Hasi might have made the wrong choice in following Acaxe, but only time will tell.  As for his skills with the pan flute, ha ha..sounds like Holocene, except in Hasi's case, he actual can control people. Holocene's guitar playing and off key singing only annoying his would be lovers.  It will be very interesting to see him weave his magic to get in and out of some very naughty situations in the future!  I for one am very excited. I hope Lastman plans at least one, or two short images that show that in action!!!

Stay tuned cause Tuesday I will unleash another image by Lastmanouthere.  One that will bring back one of his earliest creations!  He has been using his ipad pro and the results are becoming extraordinarily life like! I hope you will come back for it!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Dicks Out For Diwali

As the Christmas holiday season fast approaches us, I wanted to acknowledge another holiday that has just passed. (In the only way we do things around here, with hot naked guys.) The celebration of lights, Diwali was last week. FallenAngel and I got some inspiration and went went head first into this idea. Our Indian warrior is Sikh, but that's okay, as I've noticed Diwali is gaining popularity outside of Hinduism here in Canada.

And so we have our warriors alone on the battlefield.  Two lonely hearts, from two very different worlds.  Vann and Jurpreet.  They do not speak one word of the others native tongue.  Yet, here in dim light of early evening, they have found a connection.  The landscape is engulfed in a muddy fog, brought about by hundreds of warriors, battling in the dirt for hours.  The battle has ended.  Loses all around.  The fog is so thick, it engulfs the light, drowning out (along with the carnage) any hopes for a happy festival of lights.  Here these two have somehow found a connection with one another.  One so strong, their very bodies, illuminated with passion, seem to have added colour and hope, to village in despair.  A connection between East and West that shines the path to a peaceful future.

A huge thanks to FallenAngel for helping create this wonderful vision.  I kept sending him old frazetta art and he said it really inspired him, with the men and of course the lovely background! He took his time, as he really wanted to create something inspirational. I think he succeeded. :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

LittleTLK Splatoon Roller Muscle

Hey! Remember up till October when Rollers where powerful and FUN to use in Splatoon? Yeah those days are all but over.  THANKS NINTENDO.  They don't realize that every time they nerf a weapon, snipers get a buff.  Pretty soon this game will just be about characters walking to the center of the screen and shaking hands.  Only snipers will remain untouched! 
Anyway, back in the summer, when the Krak-On Roller was my main, (First weapon to max back in July.) I commissioned this awesome artwork from LittleTLK.  The artists shared my passion for Inklings and Splatoon. I loved his cute hunky art and thought they would make a stunning combination on a male Inlking.  Though he has had very little time to play, or draw, he did find time to finish this muscle masterpiece.  The image makes an exciting start to the week and an eternal tribute to my once and only true Splatoon love, the Roller....RIP Rollers.  :( 
Actually I stopped manning the Rollers as a main back in July.  Why?  Snipers...If you played the game, you understand. :P 

You might be wondering why the sharp beak tooth is at the top, instead of at the bottom as it is in the game. I got the inspiration to ask LittleTLK to do it this way based on the original sketches found in the Splatoon guide book.  I think it looks better.  It's far more fitting for a squids mouth.

While it took a bit of time to come to be, it was worth the wait. LittleTLK was very great to work with. I can strongly recommend this artist for commissions!


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