Monday, November 16, 2015

LittleTLK Splatoon Roller Muscle

Hey! Remember up till October when Rollers where powerful and FUN to use in Splatoon? Yeah those days are all but over.  THANKS NINTENDO.  They don't realize that every time they nerf a weapon, snipers get a buff.  Pretty soon this game will just be about characters walking to the center of the screen and shaking hands.  Only snipers will remain untouched! 
Anyway, back in the summer, when the Krak-On Roller was my main, (First weapon to max back in July.) I commissioned this awesome artwork from LittleTLK.  The artists shared my passion for Inklings and Splatoon. I loved his cute hunky art and thought they would make a stunning combination on a male Inlking.  Though he has had very little time to play, or draw, he did find time to finish this muscle masterpiece.  The image makes an exciting start to the week and an eternal tribute to my once and only true Splatoon love, the Roller....RIP Rollers.  :( 
Actually I stopped manning the Rollers as a main back in July.  Why?  Snipers...If you played the game, you understand. :P 

You might be wondering why the sharp beak tooth is at the top, instead of at the bottom as it is in the game. I got the inspiration to ask LittleTLK to do it this way based on the original sketches found in the Splatoon guide book.  I think it looks better.  It's far more fitting for a squids mouth.

While it took a bit of time to come to be, it was worth the wait. LittleTLK was very great to work with. I can strongly recommend this artist for commissions!

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