Friday, November 20, 2015

Dicks Out For Diwali

As the Christmas holiday season fast approaches us, I wanted to acknowledge another holiday that has just passed. (In the only way we do things around here, with hot naked guys.) The celebration of lights, Diwali was last week. FallenAngel and I got some inspiration and went went head first into this idea. Our Indian warrior is Sikh, but that's okay, as I've noticed Diwali is gaining popularity outside of Hinduism here in Canada.

And so we have our warriors alone on the battlefield.  Two lonely hearts, from two very different worlds.  Vann and Jurpreet.  They do not speak one word of the others native tongue.  Yet, here in dim light of early evening, they have found a connection.  The landscape is engulfed in a muddy fog, brought about by hundreds of warriors, battling in the dirt for hours.  The battle has ended.  Loses all around.  The fog is so thick, it engulfs the light, drowning out (along with the carnage) any hopes for a happy festival of lights.  Here these two have somehow found a connection with one another.  One so strong, their very bodies, illuminated with passion, seem to have added colour and hope, to village in despair.  A connection between East and West that shines the path to a peaceful future.

A huge thanks to FallenAngel for helping create this wonderful vision.  I kept sending him old frazetta art and he said it really inspired him, with the men and of course the lovely background! He took his time, as he really wanted to create something inspirational. I think he succeeded. :)

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