Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hasi, Shepherd Prince of the Huichol

Hello Guys, it's a cold Sunday in November on my side of the Earth. First day we had real snow too. It's even colder for Lastmanouthere, who is living in Norway.  Despite the cold of our living conditions Lastman has beenchanneling the heat of his home back in Mexico, to bring us his latest couple of visions.  First up is the humble prince of the Shepherd Hasi.  Wouldn't you just love to be part of his flock, eh? ;D  His story is far more complicated than one of a humble leader of farmers though, as I will let Lastman enlighten you with below this beautiful portrait of manliness.

The Huichol are the most peaceful and civilised of the northern Chichimeca tribes. Quite content with their small fields just north from the Tarascan kingdom, the Huichol are not even warriors, they are shepherds. Good with the arrow, which they mostly use to chase away wolves and coyotes, they are not quite fitting with the barbarians from the other tribes under Tenson. According to their prince Hasi, a vision told him they should follow the Icy God of the Acaxe, so he pledges his tribe's allegiance to him. None of the Huichol are comfortable with this decision, but they follow Hasi into war regardless.

Hasi himself is a very calm and relaxed, though like a good leader he never hesitates in his duties, be it helping with the crops or sentencing a criminal to death. Instead of a spear, he carries a shepherds cane. Like all the dozen or so Huichol princes, he cam adds a subtle form of hypnotic magic, which he drives through his pan flute. He can make everyone who hears his music angry, doped, distracted, or even temporally crazy. In Tensons war, he and his fellows princes can put enemies to sleep while a barrage of arrows fall upon them, or break the Aztec armies formation by driving the soldiers mad with fear, while other squadrons take the physical combat.

It sounds like Hasi might have made the wrong choice in following Acaxe, but only time will tell.  As for his skills with the pan flute, ha ha..sounds like Holocene, except in Hasi's case, he actual can control people. Holocene's guitar playing and off key singing only annoying his would be lovers.  It will be very interesting to see him weave his magic to get in and out of some very naughty situations in the future!  I for one am very excited. I hope Lastman plans at least one, or two short images that show that in action!!!

Stay tuned cause Tuesday I will unleash another image by Lastmanouthere.  One that will bring back one of his earliest creations!  He has been using his ipad pro and the results are becoming extraordinarily life like! I hope you will come back for it!

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