Thursday, November 26, 2015

Terricks Got Great Ass

Hey guys, this is the treat I promised a few days ago. I have had a hectic week. So I had to postpone this a bit.  Lastmanouthere drew this brilliant portrait of one of his oldest characters Terrick.  It's so very life like! The most realistic piece he has ever done.  I insisted on posting his masterpiece here.  It's amazing how much his art has evolved in a little over half a decade. I still draw the same as in high school! :P (Read as terribly.)   Anyway I am busting with pride to share with you my friends wonderful work.  Keep up the experimenting Lastmanouthere!

Terrick is the captain of the guarrds, well he was anyway.  He fell in love with the prince, had a falling out with king Lohab and left for a time.  The king despises him, but sent for him and his ensamble of heroes later on.  Lastman created him waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2007!!! God I was in my 20s still! LOL!  (Alright I was 30 by then..ugh.)
Here he is! So adorable!! hee hee.

You can see Lastmanoutheres posting of him here! 

You can see how he evolved and meet the rest of his friends from Seed Of The Gods Here!

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