Thursday, January 28, 2010

Felinoids 3 Mini Review!

Wow! Talk about a comic a long time coming! One of the first books I ordered from Class was of course Cams signature book. In fact my interest in Class came from the image I found of him online. The sequel comic left us with a cliff hanger we have had to wait almost 5 years for the resolution too. Such is the trial Mr. Fiilion faces running a comics company and doing much of the art himself. Thankfully Cam has not vanished from comics and has had a ton of adventures during this time. So has it all been worth the wait? Oh yeah....

In fact one of the things I really like about this book is how it picks up right off the events of Felinoids 2. It was commendable how Patrick was able to explain in recent issues of Rapture and Boytoons Adventures the disappearance of Locus from Cam and Felicias crew in the Felinoids 2. This brought me to the conclusion that I might have been right to assume most of the stories Cam was featured in between Felinoids 2 and 3 were mostly prequels to those books.

So here we are right back where the story left off in 2004, but now with the addition of Jung and his crew thrown into the hero party! The plot revolves around the freeing of the capture Felinoid boys from Cam's sister Mina, who has locked a good portion up and enslaved an even bigger portion in a harem. (Much to the viewers delight. XD) Mina, who was begging for Camili-Cats proper treatment at the end of issue 2, has since flipped her wig and now is starting to admire her brothers body, tits (Hey she calls them that) and fat orange foreskined fuck toy. The gang better get there soon, or Cam will have to face incest! That's a fate worst then death!

Team Locus to the Rescue!

Lanor has his people on the prowl! Kayxon is my favorite in this group.

There is a ton and I mean a ton of sex in this book. It's one long orgy for Cam and he is loving every minuet of it. (Outside of the before mentioned sister act...) The second you turn the to the 2nd page you are met with unending Felinoid man sex. There are so very many hot guys here I could do a review just picking out my favorites. (Check out the Spiked Felinoid on page 3 above the bald green Alien. hee hee hee.) From start to finish cocks are shown in every state from flaccid to the many numerous forms of arousal. Foreskins are pulled back and forth, holes opened and cum shot in all directions. The foreskins, cocks and balls are so real looking you often forget these boys are indeed fictional. The thought of sucking multicolored dicks from cat men, seems very real and natural in a short time. The book is just a masterpiece of design to say the least.

Gaining much of the spot light is a new bald panther like man called Imanno. He turns out to be a very stand out character in design and personality. A chiseled hunk with deep black skin with a bubble gum pink cock head is my kind of cat!
We also get to see Kayxon return and in full colour. I had forgotten how sexy he is. It's great to see him again and hope there will be more of him to come.

Many returning characters get fleshed out a bit more. We are given a glimpse into the minds of Flammer and a short teaser regarding Captain Jungs history. In fact it was Flammers eying of a new Felinoid boy toy that brought me over the edge during my first read. ^_^ Amidst all the fighting and sex Mr. Fillion finds great ways to let his boys grow and develop.

Check out the sexy Blue Boy..will Flammer hook up with this sexy cat? Only time will tell!

Included in the book are cool action figure style pin ups inspired by the Star Wars Toy line. Here is Jung out of the package. He's still mint thought. :P

Sensuality and action come together so well in Fillions hands. The comic is full of cool fights. Here we see Cams original boyfriend, the cut cocked, silver skinned Lanor hand standing back into action. He's fighting along side the lusty Locus, but will they get along?

Now of course you have to ask, does he have any complaints? I hate this part, but I believe one can't do an honest review with out them...sadly...ugh..tears at my heart...

I guess my request would be the same I usually make, that is for more of the mix up of the cut/uncut status of main cast members. (There actually are a few new cut boys here to be found in the background.) I have been dubbed Mr. Foreskin. I love the natural uncut penis, the way the skin moves up and down, the thickness, etc. I find it to be a thing of beauty. Anyone into Class is usually of the same mind set. Of course not everyone is.
In remembering past comments I have heard from fans I do think it is good to keep in mind the status of men in North America where this comic is primarily sold. After all it's best to be careful not to alienate potential audience members. I may be barking up the wrong tree as this is of course what so many viewers except and enjoy seeing already. That little piece lost to them, shown so beautiful and clean as drawn by Patricks hand. I feel like I am totally harping on poor Mr Fillion...

My other major complaint was how this book left me wanting more! For you see, Felinoids 3 is not the end of a trilogy, but the possible start of even more adventures and sex in the city of Pillar. So many new characters are introduced (Calloway.) Many questions arise regarding the status of the species and main cast, that an entire new series of books could be produced featuring the adventures of...well I don't want to ruin the ending... :P If you haven't already picked this up, you are missing out! With each new title Patrick Fillion and his his staff dive deeper into erotica. Felinoids 3 is exactly the kind of product you expect from Class Comics, masterfully drawn, sexy, funny, adventures and and filled with page after page of ball draining man on man action. Get the tissues ready, cause you will need a box!


  1. I to am a foreskin fantaic I just love how the uncut looks and feels.

  2. Ok I haven't had the chance to read your review BUT OMG Imanno is just fn HOT!



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