Friday, January 15, 2010

Barbarian Brilliance! This January Jacy, Sirio, Ink-B, Baralust, FallenAngel and JCArblog Bring the Heat!

Hey, it's been awhile, but the blog is back with style...and so are the artists! My work schedule is MURDER! I got some time today so I had to prepare a very special treat. Today it's Barbarians only! Let's start it off with a bang...
Jacy-J's newest wonder, Conan and Ice He-Man!

Jacy did her own original take on the boys. They looks very hunky to say the least. She was not too sure I would go for this concept, but I absolutely adore every inch of this virtual canvas. Taking the same concept as Zahn, young Conan here is holding up the words a bit, ha ha ha very cute! I love the face she gave him. He has such sexy eyebrows and who wouldn't go nuts for hair like that??? Speaking of hair, who needs a loin cloth with a soft brown bush like that growing from under it? NICE! ^_^
She gave He-man a sweet spike job on his hair. OMG he reminds me of this guy I had dated...XD The hard sharp hair, gorgeous weapons and ice counter balance the cool soft blues, rounded muscles and that warm inviting loin cloth so well. Masterpiece.
Mmmm like two hunks out of my wildest dreams, Conan and He-man echo all the great models I grew up staring at in the 90's. I always say it, but I can't help it, Jacy topped herself once again. These boys stole my heart!
Now a Blog exclusive, He-Man and Conan remove their bottoms to reveal two huge thick uncut slabs on meat! Enjoy!!!

Next up is something I wanted to ask Sirio to draw from the moment the last image was I pretty much did! He-man having some Anal fun with Conan! This time Conan is uncut and what an uncut dick he has! Sirio researched a few nice images to give him that look. We added some cum and really the images was a breeze cause the sketch was so perfect. Sirio's Barbarians are beloved and I could not be happier to share this with you bloggers:

Two immortal titans go at it. The cum gushes from the Cimmerians ass.

My reaction:

ooooh you do Conan and He-Man so nice!!! It great to see him in his Ice uniform! So sexy! I love Conans foreskin covered penis leaking cum! That's so hot!!!! You did a great job on his red from thrusting bum too! He little torso is very tantilizing. It's very yummy! LOL. He-man has a great face and oh so big nipples! :kiss:
Thank you Sirio! This is a delightful picture. :heart::kiss:

I just loved the sketch, He-Man is so adorable and Conans foreskin is wicked over his thick head! LOL. Who knows what we will do next?

What a delight. The sketch is worth the comm price alone. XD

Now let's go to the newest hottest Barbarian around, Zahn! A blog exclusive! This was my Christmas gift from the ever awesome Ink-B!

This is Ink-Bs first attempt at Zahn and Camili-Cat. It was big image for him and extremely exciting to take on. First off, the son of Winter ramming Cam in the middle of a fantasy snow storm is perfect for this time of the year. This is a gay holiday card for all time. The boys glow in the evening snow. Cam is so lovely as done by Ink. His eyes transfixed on the voyeur as if to say 'Please enjoy the show, it's all for you.' His cock flipped over, so heavy and thick and his hair wildly tossed by the wind, stunning. His chest perked out so proud. There is a realistic quality to this image of Cam I can't get over. Then there is Zahn, who has let his hair grow long and bushy in the harsh winter weather. I swear I can feel it each time I look upon this. He has Cam riding the very tip of his cock, forcing the Felinoids anus to push his barbarian foreskin up and down his just his massive pink head. I just love the expression on Zahns face. He is just starting to give Cam the ride of his life and doesn't look anywhere close to losing control.

Whew...that took a lot out of me! Now for a double douse of Jacy-J! Time to bring out more of my new character done in complete beauty and style as only she can provide! Check this out:

Nova and his mate shine when done by Jacy-J! They are so dreamy. Like something from a book of ancient tales, they young warrior shyly presents himself to his love. Her female alien is very sexy and smooth. She gave her a very sweet new look. On top of her pony tail, which she did in wispy blue hair, she gave her a blond wig. I love the glowing ends. So romantic and spacey at the same time. Like something to wear on wedding night, or on a very special date. Meeting Nova must always be special for her! I really love those boobs! Ha ha ha, what a gorgeous body. The face is a perfect mix of human and Aline with soft blue eyes, a slight nose and full, but not huge lips. She has an elegance to her. The perfect interstellar princess.
Originally there were only two versions of this. A nude and one that was nude, with no penis. I asked Jacy if she wouldn't mind adding a toga and she created a really cool Egyptian style one. A brand new accessory for my OC. Nova is just well...WOW. Sparkling skin, glistening muscles, a wonderful build, a moist blue cock head, sizzling stubble, what more can I say? Except I must beg her for more. image like this reminds me of all those great science fictions books I would leaf through in the libraries of my youth. Very Touching Jacy, it has becoming a very special image to me. Can't thank you enough!

Shy, but hard, the half Aliens prepare for a night of romance together at last. Perhaps this is taking place in a Palace tower far from prying eyes. The wig may have been dawned to make her look more human to her mate.

I still need a name for my Female half Alien, so if anyone has any ideas please add them in the comments section. Also I will starting a poll so people can choose over the ones I have thought up and others have provided. I was thinking Neopetra. I have a whole list to add.

More Nova! Next we have the ground breaking Nova by Baralust. This guy sent me flying and my tissues filling....ha ha ha! What a stunning vision of manliness he created. At the time Nova was slowly getting bigger and bigger. Baralust took him to Herculean levels with this. I proudly present his mouth watering image:

My reaction says it all about this classic:

Oh my god...this is soooooooooooooooo hot! I'm sweating looking at this still. Wow you really captured the barbarian warrior look at feel of Nova. DUDE the upper body rocks so hard. :surprised::heart::heart::heart::heart:
What an imagination you have. Love the alien chain design and how he is in full motion, fighting the pleasures of the dido. The swaying of the his toga to the side is so wicked. The whole thing is so alive with motion. His eyes and face are so nice. You gave him fantastic eye lashes and stubble
These new longer dreads are fan-freaking-tastic! :widesmile: Thank you for coming up with that. They are perfect for the character. It's like he has been stuck locked up for some time and his hair grew and grew... XD
You even remember the glowing penis head when he comes. OMG that is so unbelievably sexy!!!
Shhh...don't tell anyone...I came so hard to this! :lol::blush::heart:! XD :lol:
You are da MAN. Much love to you! :heart:

Baralust has more in store as well. Including Dimata and Chiida! Can't wait! I am still reeling from his imprisoned Nova. The image has inspired more images currently in the making.

Here is a current blog exclusive, something cooked up with much love by my good old buddy JCArtblog. Been almost a year since we met. His art gets better every day and he was awesome to start with. Check out this mouth watering Dish:

Nova JCArt Style. He is presenting himself...check the love hole...XD

Jcarts big boys just scream sex. The huge chest and thick abs are amazing. Love his glowing blue cock head and the anti-gravity cum shot! LOL. That's hot! I saw that in a porn once...the Uranus Project by Private...look it up! ^_^ Those big blue eyes... Nova has a nice smug look. He lips hard and set showing he is very proud and looking like he is questioning if you deserve to be admiring his beautiful self. JC did magnificent job on his wild hair. Looks really good with many long strands, very snaky! They would be gear to run your hands through. I think the bald head with the shading he did is very sexy. You just want to kiss the top of it! Hee hee.

Thanks JCart, he is grand indeed!

Last but in no way least is my dear buddy FallenAngels take on the Roman Warrior that gets so very little love, the Great RYGAR from Tecmo!

OH how I love love love Fallens Rygar! He is just a so sexy! He is EXHAUSTED from a very long jerk off session. I told Fallen he is slowly become not only one of my favorite images by him, but one of my favorite takes on Rygar period. It's like looking at him before the game, a little younger, more innocent and unable to physically handle the stain of his huge uncut cock. The high res has a massive wrinkled foreskin visible. YUM YUM YUM. Lets not forget the details on the cum stained shield and background. It's a beautiful day in Rome and Rygar is taking advantage of that in the morning air!

Early perfection in this sketch to be sure!

Thanks ladies and Gentleman! More to Cum!

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