Saturday, January 2, 2010

New OC's from the hand of Dearest Ink-B! Happy New Year!

Today a special almost ALL INK BLOG! Whoo hoo! My dearest friend has once again blessed me with such gorgeous images to share! First off the Prehistoric Summoner! He is an original creation made by Ink-B for world of Prehistoric Paradise.

The summoner is character that dwells in Dore's village. Unlike most humans he has some very special magical abilities. Here we see him calling upon the power of a prehistoric plant monster to fulfill his desires. He's a super cute OC with his soft fluffy hair, manly nose and kind eyes. He has a large 9 inch cock and when he summons his sexual spells his body lights up with wicked cool arcane symbols. As you can see this plant is friendly and he is enjoying it very much!!!
So this got me to thinking. Most tentacle rape images are just that. Aggressive Rape. Instead of going that route, Ink went for a friendly encounter. So I sat down and did my best to come up with the creature these penises would be coming from. And here he is from my HAND. I referenced a character Model by Patrick Fillion, in order to draw a sexy body! XD

This was my final model of him. I had done many sketches for conceptual ideas regarding him. He has two man sucking plants that grow out of his shoulder blades. Much like Audry 2 from Little Shop of Horrors. So I named him Andrew Two.
I figure he can shoot out lots of Vines from his arms and legs. I tried to show that he has vines wrapped around them, not sure how well that came out. He has 4 pods around his hips that have 2 cut and 2 uncut cocks hidden in them. They stretch out pretty far. He also has his main cock. He truly orgasms from this phallus, while the others bring him to ecstasy too, they instead shoot out a sappy sticky cum that does little to impregnate prey. I didn't trace a thing. It's not my best work, but it's better then my crappy sketches I usually do.
Ok for fun here is a couple little images of his evolution..

These are the two first sketches I did of him.

Well I sent off all the images I did to Ink and today I was presented with this masterpiece. I can't believe the love and care presented here, Andrew turned out sexier then I could have imagined.

Come up and Seed me some time!

Wow talk about taking a character to the next level! I love the fact that the top flower has been left off, it makes the head a lot sexier as apposed to my first original concept. That is why I dropped it later as well. (Maybe it is that he can grow it in and out at will.) The hair on the head is just wonderful how it lazily hangs in place, nice and long and soft. Ink gave the Kissing/Sucking plants on his shoulders a lot bigger size, more personality and a cute little leaf on their tops. NICE! He added some shine two the two flowers on his head (which is very dreamy) added in his freckles, (so adorable!) and implemented the features such as the cock sheaths perfectly. That was so hard for me! The body is a stunning testament to manhood. I really like the MUSHROOM Head he gave the penis! That is just PERFECT! LOL.

From here Ink Took on Nova! Yep, and he did him as if he feel off the pages of a Conan graphic novel.

Nova is a combination that includes all the wonderful elements of past commissions. He gave him the long gorgeous dreads of Baralusts image, which drives me wild! The face is a wonder, The full lips, eyes, even the head crest and chin hair is perfection. His frame like with Fallens is wicked. Ink gave him a cool weapon as well. I spinning discus! How cool is that?

Now it's time to share a little Dimata love! Ink Did a really cute image of Dimata enjoying a Dildo! XD

Awe Ink's Dimata is always so lovely. Man, his face takes me back to the start of all this. I love the perspective with his bum right in our faces! It's really hot and smooth! XD His Dimata is always going to have a special place in my heart. XD

Ink-B got his hands on Boytoons Adventures as part of a Christmas gift. It left him inspired. He presented me with an image he knew I would flip over, as I have mentioned to him how much I love the style and dig the Captain Jungs profile shot. Here is Dimata done in the same pose and style as Patrick Fillions Boytoons! I could just jump to the moon over this one!

This is too cool! I like the tiny feet with the look of leotards over them! XD The hair sticking up on the back of his head is the best! Dimata boytoons, someone pinch me, cause I must be dreaming!!!!

Next up Ink took on his most beloved OC, the creature that is pure sex, Lil Deep and gave him a brand new look. His hair is much longer then before, but not as long as Jacy's just yet. The images just flows into vision. It is a looking at a physical bar of music that resonates in your heart.

From the tip of his tail to the tip of his cock, Inks Lil'Deep is a creature of grace and beauty. His expression of uncertainty as he strolls by the viewer almost beckons you to follow him into the briny deep and experience his passion. Ink is the master of Megalodon! I love the damage on his tail. His cock is just splended as well.

Here is a totally flattering work in progress, that my ego made me shore. As a little gift, Ink Fillionized my persona and created Matt-U the Dino Summoner. XD OH man I am so flattered!!!! I dont' think I was ever this handsome! But thank you Ink, it's so very kind of you! I can't stop blushing as I type this. I am so giddy! LOL.

How cute is this? Snow meets Cloud Chibbi's? XD Snow sure is a popular character! ^_^ I like him already.

More Final Fantasy love! Galka from Final Fantasy 11! He's one beefy hunk who gets some great respect from Ink here! I don't see him around much at all. Nice!

Meet Hezzer Paul a brick fire pit full of fire from Ink-B! What a sexy bald stud! I really love the cross going down his body. I can't wait to see him completed. :)

This is Ink-B's newest OC, a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex Man! A gorgeous warrior, enslaved in chains forced to wield a hammer until the day he can break free. Rex invokes a lot of questions on the viewer. Was he a leader? Does he have a family, or a lover? Who does that sleek hair cut for him? He has a noble face, I wonder what secrets he hides? Only Ink-B knows for sure. I know I am in love, that's for sure. :)

One more OC from Ink:

This guy better watch out, any bugs passing by him can reach and grab that! XD This guy is a one steaming hot cup of hot chocolate! He looks nervous because he was captured by pirates and held against his will. What will his fate be? I am guessing something hot and steamy... :P

Ok Speaking of hot and Steamy lets give Demona a little praise tonight at well. She has just completed her delightful take on Lil'Deep. This one was in the works for a short while. Sadly during that time Lil'Deep saw some major changes and it was all she could NOT do to give him long hair and stay true to her original vision of him. You have never seen a Lil'Deep as smooth and sexy as this! I very proudly present, Cell Shaded Deep! Gonna Faint...XD

Demona offered to do Deep as she did Darkstalkers Felicia and I could not wait to see the results. I was in luck cause this didn't take long to do at all! I really love the skin tone here, it's so smooth and aquatic. Like a Dolphins. Ink loved it so much it's his Cell phone Wallpaper! LOL. In the higher res, I swear his eyes sizzle. She had the inspired idea of taking the purple from the penis head and lightly applying that to his lips. Very sexy!!!!

Ink and Demona I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Demona Deep is spectacular!!! A true Classic! Ink, these are some of the most wonderful gifts I have ever got! What a way to ring in the New Year!


  1. Most welcomed hon and INK'S got some major hotties there!!! MUCH MUCH MUCH love on REX!!!! So inspires a few females or males clinging to those legs LOL!! Great work!

  2. The lil'Deep pics are some of the best ones here that I have seen in recent history, and there have been a looot! lol
    Your new plant-dude is really an interesting new idea. I suppose that it's because I like the idea of plant people that he kinda sticks in my mind. Nice job!
    And penis tentacles... they've always weirded me. XD Tentacles are phallic enough and then people started adding man parts to the end of them. XD Oh what a fetish...

  3. I have to confess that I fell in love with the cute plantman and his flaring orange hair!!!



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