Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Suprise Christmas Gift From Feralelf

This Christmas I was given a surprise on the Y!Gallery. The artist Feralelf drop me a note with a link to a sketch. It was of his take on Dimata! He wanted to know what I thought of it. It's not very often I get fan art and I was thrilled let me tell you!
He took Dimata and made him extremely hung, tall and bara. Just the way I like him! He also remembered how the penis was very trunk like in my early concepts of him. Reminding me just how freaking wicked that idea is!

This is one buff and built Dimata! I love the cocks trunk shape and how he closed the foreskin! So hot!

This Dimata's a sweat mixture of strong hard beautiful manliness and sweet innocent found in his face. Heck, how can you look at his eyes and those big ears and not tilt your head and say "AWE!!!?" You just want to hug and squeeze him. Then you look down his giant chest, mega sized arms and to die for legs that could hold a T-Rex in place and sweet ass and want to do a lot more then hug him! I'm gonna type it again, that dick is amazing!!!
The hair placement is also very unique to Dimata and seeing a new variation on it is always nice. Those are some hairy balls and the chest hair by the nipples is a great touch as well! :P
Not only did he draw such a great Dimata, but he also provided a fitting and well done background. I love winter nights. Heck living in Canada, that's a huge part of the winter since it gets dark around 5 pm here! ^_^

Thank you so much Feralelf, this really helped make my holiday special!
He is open for commissions, so check him out! You gotta see his take on Ephorox Monkey King too, it's grand!


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  1. OOH yeah because those are the best kinda gifts. The total surprises you don't even see coming. Congrats. ^^



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