Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Nookiedog! XD 30? Now it's WAR!

A couple days ago my oldest friend from the world of art hit the big one. 30! Well it's a depressing day for anyone, so I thought I would ask some artist to help cheer him up and celebrate this wonderful day. These artist all really came through for me cause I only gave them a couple days notice! I know Phil loves God of War, so his virtual card was filled with Kratos Cream!

Many happy returns of the day dear friend. Lots and lots of love to Demona, FallenAngel, Buddha the God, Ink-b, Crimsonblood and Urmbanmusiq! You guys all rock so very much!

Fallens sexy Kratos brought the cake, but I think that big snaky cock is what Nookiedog wants for his dessert! He's lanky, muscular and so dang sexy!!! XD I really adore this take on him. Thank you Fallen you're awesome!

Buddah the God's second commission for me brought the Decorations!!! His Kratos has a gorgeous uncut dick and nice big hands. HOT! He's got that crazy go for the icing look in his eyes and I don't think he is looking at cake! Watch out Phil! LOL. Thanks Buddah you're wonderful dude!

Every party needs a cute gift. Here is Demona the Chibbi Queen's toy sized Kratos! I think this is one of her best Chibbi's EVER. Why? Cause she made the God of War so adorable!!! That's no easy task. I am sure Phil would love to cuddle with this bad boy all night like a Kratos stuff doll.. XD Thanks Demona you really came through for us and fast too!

Ink-B's Kratos is Chilling in the rain. He is so hot that rain is gonna steam right off of him. ^_^ Mmmm he is rock hard and waiting for Phil to take a seat....Looks like that cock is very sensitive. Don't keep Kratos waiting Phil! Ink stayed up late to complete this which was extremely kind hearted of him! Thanks Ink you're amazing man.

Crimsonbloods Kratos is a huge hunky gift. I don't think I have ever seen him this built! Another amazingly sexy image. Kratos is so thick and juicy!!! Crimson wants Phil to come blow out Kratos Candle. ^_^ Poor Crimson, he finished this the day off while fighting off a fever. I think it was Kratos that was making him woozy! This is one of his best images to date, if I do say so myself. Really hot! Much love to you lil'bro!

Prince Naveen was a special gift for Nookiedog and me. Part of a thank you from Leon. Upon hearing it was Phils birthday he created two very special uncensored versions for him as well! :) Talk about a nice guy! My head was spinning when this showed up in my inbox. A very unexpected and wonderful gift, it warmed my heart big time. I literally blew a load to this. His Naveen is the currently the best erotic image of him out there. A spectacle to behold. Thanks Urban, you're the bomb!

Thank you everyone again. When Artist come together to do something special like this, there's no feeling in the world to describe it. Nookie, I tip my hat to you buddy. You still look 21 you lucky bugger you! XD


  1. This was an absolutely amazing surprise for me, I was so flattered and honoured to receive such wonderful gifts from Dinosaur Prince and these amazing artists.

    I was excited to be 30 but as Dino already knows I've just split up with my boyfriend of 11 and a half years which really overshadowed my 30th, so these gifts couldn't have come at a better time to make me smile.

    Thank you to all the artists that contributed (I hope I can return the favour at some point) and of course thank you to my dear friend Dinosaur Prince.

    Phil aka nookiedog x

  2. :) nyohohohoho glad you like it :) - FallenAngel

  3. :) youre welcome mate!




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