Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Boys Get the Glorious GuyToonist Touch! Urbanmusiq Brings the Dune Mice Back to Life!

Hey guys! Now if you have been to Y Gallery you must know of the great Guytoonist. He is a legend there! His boys are all hand drawn and drip with sensuality. Big lips, wild hair, big torsos and hypnotic naughty eyes are all his trademarks. He also enjoys giving his men a more regular sized penis! So....when he took on my boys he gave them a little more downstairs then he was used to and really enjoyed doing it! ^_^ ha ha ha ha!

Actually he also REALLY was excited at the thought of doing some of my characters! I could not believe it! I was humbled! This great artist was into my characters! I asked if there were any boys he would love to draw and he said he had some great ideas for Glypto. I said sure, feel free to draw him and add to him. And he so did! So here is his take on Smilo and Glypto as two sexy Beach Beefcakes!

My reaction which mentions the fact that he completed both in one day:

Whoa! Two completed commissions in one day! You are going to drain me! LOL. :lol::heart: There is just so much I love about this picture! The bodies are fantastic! Smilos eyes are just too hot, his fangs are wicked and his hair lovely! That cock has a curve and shape to it that is out of this world! Who told you I love hairy balls? XD ha ha ha.. sexy!!!!
Now, I really have to say I am ever so happy you not only wanted to take on Glypto, but also give him some new concepts. When I first thought of him, I had a kind of Helmet in mind for his head. But that meant losing his hair for the most part. So we gave him hair instead. This is ingenious. We get the plates and the hair, complete with braids!!! My Fav! XD I love the curly pubes and uncut cock on him. (He was cut originally) Nice and flaccid, but still thick with the head sticking out. So hot. :blush: The slender hips and smooth looking legs. A real Stallion! He's like a whole new boy! :love::love::love:

So as you can see, I am in love with this picture! XD Glypto with the new hair due, plates and uncut penis can pretty much be classified as a new character at this point. So I am kinda torn, should this be a new character, or just Gylptos new due? Hmmmm only time will tell! XD I love it so much I really feel he could be in honor of the fab work done by Guytoonist.

The second image he did was of Sexy Lil'Deep! This one might have been slightly inspired by a certain celebrity cover...which really gets my heart pumping! XD
Check out the eye magnet that is Guytoonists Lil Deep!

My reaction:

Oh my gosh, I think you wanted to give me a heart attack for Christmas didn't you? What a shocker!! Out of the no where comes SMOKING HOT Screen Burning Lil Deep. That water should be boiling..
I absolutely ADORE that face! Big full lips, long luscious hair, sensually scheming eyes and a hot nose too! His body is RIPPED! So freaking sexy!!! Love his cock with the foreskin pulled back, nice and thick! XD The white pubes were a great touch and a perfect new addition to the character.
This is already a classic!

And it did become a huge classic. People went nuts for this Lil' Megalodon muscle mass madness! I do so love the fins he added to his forearms. What a magnificent touch!

His art started a fire on Y!Gallery. Voider saw his art and could not resist taking on Smilo and Lil'Deep in his beloved style! Check this out!

Voider added some shading on the muscles of both Smilo and Glypto that really bring out their frames. The beads around his neck look great in red! The boys eyes and their pearly whites really stand out with a glowing radiance. What a nice gift! I was pretty surprised by this. It is always cool to see a different perspective regarding how they would colour a piece.

Guytoonist is up for grabs! So please commission him. He is friendly, works fast and puts TONS of love into each image. He's HIGHLY Recommend! I really must see if he can do some sexual follow up images. I want to know what happens next on the beach!

Now lets move on to the fifth and final commission I purchased from the Newest Master on the block, the dear sweet Urbanmusiq! For his commission I asked him if he would like to take on my Dune Mice Characters. You may remember them from Zipopens commission way back in June. Well They got shelved, not on purpose of course! Ever since I commissioned him I was dying for him to try the Mice as Urbans black men are some of the finniest I have ever seen. They have a superior quality and sexuality. I was overjoyed that he was interested in them, finding them adorable! In fact he loved them so much he researched desert mice and asked me if I would like the tails done like a Jerboa the hopping desert mouse! I was taken back by how cute the addition was and like with Guytoonist I was honored that the artist researched and thought about what they could do to add to the creation. This warmed my heart!
Well here they are, Travis and Troy Return to worship Cam, a stunning masterpiece by Ubranmusiq! ^_^

Ok first off let me gush about the shading and colours! There is so much detail here, like how the hair on Travis is lighter on top and darker on the step by the ears, that's just so cool! The boys turned out better then I could have hoped. He gave them a very neat nose that is a combination of a human and mouse that works perfectly. The skin tones came out great and Travis's body as well as Troys. God how I love his curved torso as he thrusts his dick into Cams, his nipple sticking out and his eyes shining a glorious baby blue as he focus all his attention on pleasing his pharaoh.
How freaking hot is it that not only are the cocks cumming, the cum is sticking to both of them in something I would have to call a dick kiss! XD That cum is sparkling in the higher res as are the the moist cock heads that have been getting smothered time and again by Travis moving the foreskins up and down them at a furious pace. Love the position of Travis foreskin thick at the base of his head! Travis's hair is just so cool! A pure bushy mass of a hot hair do!

And then there is Cam who is just so perfect. His thick little nipples, his chiseled abs, the eyes watching helplessly as he is forced into an orgasm by his royal guard. I just love his big legs and those cute balls! XD Wow man, Cam fell off the pages of Class and into your skilled hands! Looks like you had him at your beck and call!

The original image was done all by hand. It was so large it took more then a page to chart it out! XD Thank you so much Urbanmusiq. You may be new to the scene, but you sir are a kind and professional artist that sets a very high standard for others to follow. All my love to you!

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  1. It's funny, since I have said before now that I've known Guytoonist's work before, but I guess I have to blame you for bring him back into my mind with your commissions. XD Lately I have been hanging on your back and grabbing the good stuff! His work turned out pretty swell! :B
    Plus voider did a nice job with the recolor!
    Oh and as usual Urban does some extra excellent work on every detail, coloring, lines, etc. Nice stuff!



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