Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enter Jarrod The Barbarian

Today Aneros and I proudly present our newest creation, Jarrod the Barbarian.  This beautiful image was done for Guytoonists birthday and is based on what we think Guytoonist would look like as a Barbarian!!!!  By wielding his mystical pencil he can easily rub out his most hated of foes...

I always wanted to see Guytoonist as a true barbarian. He so easily and endlessly pours out these wonderful characters of his, that you might just think he has some sort of link to sexy fantasy world. One where he would fit in perfectly. (Though I will say he has much better manners then any barbarian. Maybe not Dave...) Anyway! Aneros did a fantastic job capturing Guytoonist likeness and putting into a barbarian body.  (Which wasn't very difficult given what we had to work with! ) We had a really great time going over his pictures and deciding how to pose him.  Aneros wanted to pose him Frazetta style and I just had to have him include a cthulhu like monster for him to attack.  We really wanted to add in things that would really strike a cord with our dear friend.  I think Aneros more then accomplished that.

Here is my rendition of the Jarrod the Barbarian, complete with our OCs Vann Illian and Aneros himself checking out our newest hero. LOL At my rubber legs...

In the spirit of the celebration of a new Barbarian to the blog, here's a little Warrior Parade for you all to enjoy!

 This guy looks very much like a Red Martian Warrior from John Carter!

Two Jungle hunks:

 This is Kane Sumabat.  He's like a Filipino Tarzan!

Men Of Class Comic Calendar Character Bios

I rediscovered these wonderful bios for the men of Class Comics yesterday and decided to share them here.  I always enjoy reading these.  The first part of this set were used on the 2011 Class Comics Calendar.  This was one Calendar worth saving and framing.  Gonna be starting with Ghost Boy to keep in the spirit of the season! XD 

 A found a couple sweet Bios for the precum inducing Initiation series as well:

I posted the Bios I had from Rapture #3.  These ones are a bit different.  Only Deimos is a single character image, the other two feature two characters.   Each one is gigantic!  (They are also perfect for sharing since they are all bust shots.) 

Classic Zahn Bios from way back when the first book came out.  

 Speaking of classic Zahn, check out this 'clean' version of the cover.  I posted this on Facebook and dang did it get a lot of love. XD

Speaking of Class Classics, the book Satisfaction Guaranteed was released on digital PDF for the first time today.  The added bonus is that the entire books been colorized. Man, it seems so long ago that Class Comics were all in black and white when published.  It's was refreshing and fun to rediscover all the characters, memorable stories, and delicious cocks now with the edition of a beautiful coat of paint.  The book features the characters Steven and Dane, who have not been seen in a very long time now.  It was great to see them back in action.  This is probably Danes most heart felt appearance.  The writing for this piece is guaranteed to touch your heart. There's a full Diablo Story, a cameo from Stephane Sol and the first appearance of Class Comics own Jungle King!  It's a great book.  One of my favorite stories, that really got me hot, told the tale of Zeke and his young friends.  I believe this story was adapted from the one Patrick originally did for Handjobs Magazine  The story goes from young men experimenting and discovering their differences, to the passion Zeke experiences for the older 'daddy' he is staying with.  It's one of my very favorite Class Comics tales.  I really wish there was an extended edition to this one! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

JD Hangs Around For Halloween

Tonight, the big, bright crescent moon is really effecting JD the gay Jersey Devil, thanks to the very talented artist Rent. I asked him to whip this inflated penis piece up for Guytoonists special day. The old boy turned 29 years young yesterday, so do wish him well, if you catch him around. Rent knows his mega sized cocks and bestowed upon JD the perfect pendulum to help him swing the haunted night away. I hope this enchanting image gets you in the mood for Halloween.

Ah, to be the man in the moon right now. I think I could easily fit both my arms up his foreskin hole! Hee hee. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mail Ouda Azade Leads The Scheherazade Warrior Parade

Special combo post today! Art and warriors! A ton of warriors...
First off FallenAngel sent me this so adorable image of  Mail Ouda Azade, aka  Scheherazade.    His take on the character is magnificent.  The character pours perfectly into his style. Man, what a wake up call this was.  I had big plans for him in January, but just never got it in gear.  Maybe after Halloween I shall see what I can come up with for him.  Thanks for the super dose of inspiration Fallen.

Naked In Sands of Time:

And The Rest! XD


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