Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School Special Featuring Camili-Cat

OH NO! It's back to school tomorrow. It's not all bad. If you are a student, you'll get to see if any of your classmates have gotten cuter over the summer. ;D Though that's small consolation for having to deal with school again. Today I'm going to share another of our little gifts to Mr. Fillion for his birthday. This one is probably our silliest gift. It's a very cute picture by FallenAngel. This one is based on an idea I had about Camili-Cat returning to school. It seems that this year, he's really starting to notice boys, especially Lanor! But uh oh! Nun Felicia has something to say about that. (Don't ask why a Prince is in the same school as Cam.) I was talking to Fallen about something I had seen and we just went with this whole concept giggling all the way. (Hoping someone would figure it out.) I came up with a little contest to go along with this picture. The first person that can properly guess what influenced this image and write it in the comments, will get a free, one, or two character commission from FallenAngel. (Please note his commission rules.) Good luck!

Mr. Fillion was very happy with this picture and I have to say that I was as well. We don't use Lanor enough! I think the inking and coloring on it are really well done. It's also the first time I ever commissioned a female version of Felicia and Fallen really did such a sweet job on her! :D Originally I had Lanor working out with a sleeveless t-shirt on. Fallen suggested the idea of him working in the garden. On top of being a little more innocent, he was also kinda in the right sort of pose here, if you know what I mean! XD

Is it me, or does this entire weekend have this whole aura of dread to it? I went out for a walk in the park on Sunday afternoon. The place is usually filled with people playing baseball and soccer, but when I went, there was no one to be found. It was so empty. It felt like the entire city was silent. All day airplanes sound louder and grasshoppers seem more plentiful. To me, there's this angst in the air. It's as if you can feel millions of little hearts praying to father time for some sort of extension to their freedom. It's a sad weekend. But it's on it's way and nothings gonna stop it. I started to look around my hard drive and around the net for things from my past school days. I figured I would share some of what I found with you guys.

You'll soon be setting your alarm clock for an early wake up call:

This is my Fantasia clock!

Then it's off to the tub. No time for towel drying now...get out that Snoopy Hair dryer!

Aneros used to have one of these! How cool is this???

Brush your teeth and wash out your mouth with a Dixie cup. I won one of these one summer at Canada's Wonderland! (Back when they still had Smurf Village and Bedrock.)

The greatest fun of all, picking out your favorite character themed lunch box. I always ate at home, but sometimes my mom would be nice and let me pick out one. The Flintstones one below was the first one I ever owned. (Not the actual one, I am sure it would have had French on it. This is an American one I found online.)

I remember these ones as well, with the image that was too big to fit on the face so it curved up a bit onto the top. The cool thing about these was, you got two TV shows on one lunch box. Scooby, Scrappy and the cast of the Flintstones? Awesome!

I had a Garfield Lunchbox at one point, but it wasn't this one. I think it was Garfield laying in Potato salad, eating a chicken wing, or something. I would have prefered this though, since it had Odie on it. I think a friend of mine had this. Maybe he gave it to me, I can't remember.

Classic Disney's Zorro Lunchbox. I bet very few kids today even know they made a show based on this, or how popular it was.

I love that the characters faces are colored in white, just like in the old Goofy comics. Don't you just love slightly off model variations like this? :D The thermos is pretty nice too. It has a bunch of different gags all the way around it. Oddly, Peg and Pistol and missing from it.

This is a very interesting find. Someone has the original art print that was used for the Disney's Gargoyles thermos up for grabs. Not sure how legit it is, but either way it's pretty sweet to be able to see the entire wrap around art flat like this.

This is a Stitch Bento box! :D How cute!!

I remember seeing a DuckTales Lunchbox and really wanting it. I felt I was too old for a lunchbox then. The really cool thing about this second Ducktales box is that there was a board game on it to play! Had I seen it, I am sure I would have begged my moms ear off for it.

Okay the lunchbox is ready, time to get some pencils and pencil toppers! The first two Garfield ones are from my collection:

Remember when McDoanld's used to give away these cool Ronald McDonald pens? They should bring them back!

Now for a pencil case:

I had this, it broke so plastic. XD

Now to get a cool binder, notebook and folder. I still have my Miami Vice folder, I should have dug it out and taken some pictures of it. :P The first Pac-Man one is from my collection.

I had a school bag with this picture of Mario on it. I passed it on to my nephew when he was in Grade one. It didn't make it through a second year of use.

Now for some stickers to decorate your folders and locker! Marvel Made Conan stickers! GET OUT!

Before you leave make sure to have a good breakfast. Sugary cereal is always the best to insure you are starving by 9 am.

Grab some gum, just to piss the tight ass teachers off.

Popeye Spinach gum was always my favorite. They brought it back in 2001, but I haven't seen it since.

Banana Bubble gum. The 80s rocked. XD

Now for something to occupy your time on the bus, or at recess:

Nothing like a sliding puzzle from a beloved amusement park to remind you that you'll be waiting another 10 months before you can even think of convincing your parents to go back again.

Maybe there will be some fun educational games to play at school...hmmmm.

Oops, better get a bag to put all those goodies in!

This retro looking pilots duffel bag from Disney's Talespin is freaking sweet. They made some awesome shit back then for this shows. I honestly contemplated buying this for a long time when I saw it online.

Better get a good watch, so you can count down every second till your release from that prison, cause....

Tomorrow, the death march begins!!! XD
Original concept. Mine was a little more innocent and the guys a lot younger! XD


  1. Ok now you will find that Zelda pencil and send it to me my OCD with all things Zelda COMMANDS YOU! ... but seriously ... where did you find that?! I WANT ONE. And ... talk about a walk down memory lane. I have some of the Garfield things, and Disney Afternoon ... ahhh ... childhood... :)

    1. I found it on E-bay. It's currently going for about $36! XD

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow, a whirlwind tour of a nostalgia trip! :-D Thanks for sharing all this!

    I never needed a lunch box, since I always bought lunch at school (and used a paper bag on field trips), but a /Gargoyles/ lunch box would've been cool. I wouldn't mind some of those He-Man stickers, either. :-)



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