Thursday, September 20, 2012

Legend Of Zelda Maze

Hey everyone. This is my first blog post using the new HORRIBLE blogger options. Oh, the page itself is fine, but it plays hell with the images I post on the blog. This is a test blog I guess. I decided to redesign the entire blog itself to see if helps the images.

Here's a neat little Legend of Zelda Maze from the Nintendo Sticker Activity book published by Diamond in 1989. I This is a shot of my own personal book. If you guys want to see more let me know. A little maze is always fun.
You must help me Link! 
Hey, for you princess anything. 
I miss the old Moblins.  They don't even use Goriyas anymore.

This is the cover. Notice that Wart is featured not Bowser.  This is from a time before the Koopas dominated every aspect of Marios existence.

Here's a sample page. Looks It's Mario Galaxy 1989! XD


  1. Interesting man these didnt arrive in our place sadly.

    1. Awe, that's a shame. On the back is shows so many countries they were sold in. :(



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