Monday, September 17, 2012

Something Wicked This Way Cums!

What started as a Halloween movie marathon with a friend, quickly turned into a sensual circle jerk. Apis and Belvadar were enjoying sitting together in the dimly lighted TV room. They thought they were alone, so they reached over and start fondling each others cocks. But, unbeknownst to them, there are spirits present. One in particular, Jasper, has been hovering above, really enjoying the show on the couch. The thrill of getting away with this voyeurism so up close to the action, has overwhelmed him, He can't control himself! He's letting lose a massive load of spiritual spunk onto the unwitting victims.

What exactly do you say when you get slimmed with ghost cum? XD

This lavishly drawn piece by FallenAngel is the prefect way to start the Halloween season around here. He always draws these guys so well and adds in lots of sweet little touches. Love that lock of hair falling onto Apis forehead. Very sexy. I want that lamp in my room! XD I already have a few surprises planned, so stay tuned, cause it's gonna get spooky around here in the next few weeks!

Traditional stickers from my own collection.


  1. Look out, Bel(ow)! :-)

    Nicely done -- my compliments to FallenAngel. The little ghost eating Belvadar's popcorn is a nice touch, too.

  2. @Aaron, thanks :)

    @ DP, this title you use, man it can be use on an erotic story ^_^



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