Saturday, September 8, 2012

Class Comics Babies

If the Muppets and Disney can do it, why not the folks at Class Comics too? This was one of those ideas where neither I, nor the artist (In the case the very talented Caravaggia) could not stop drawing. I think we had a very hard time figuring out when to stop. We wanted to show the boytoons as they were in a much innocent time in their lives. After all, we all start out as someones darling little angel.

We'll make your dreams come true...(When we go up!)

A few notes: Locus comes from a rich family. I had this feeling that he might have had a little bit of a cold upbringing. So sure, the Jetsons style kitchen appliances that feed you are cool, but no robot can beat a mothers love. Space Cadet, being from NYC is playing with a famous Space Ship from the city of his birth. Zahns little skull is now a rattle. (We make it seem like he's had that duffel bag forever.) Strider is enjoying a horseshoe style 'teething ring.' Cams skin is lighter and his stripes are a different colour at this stage in his life. (Caravaggias neat idea!)

My original sketch. One of the thing I noticed as I posted this was the one baby booty that Zahn had. :P I don't know what was up with the bratty looking Strider. I redrew him after I realized how tall he was standing. XD



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