Thursday, September 6, 2012

Virgin Sacrifice for the Centaur

Hey guys. Before I head to work, I decided to quickly post this beautiful picture of virgin sacrifice of Seb to the Lord of the Zebra Centaurs. He's come to inspect his latest 'victim.' Poking and prodding like that might result in a premature release of Sebs virgin fluids...

No doubt Seb is more then a little worried about what the Zebra Centaurs plans to do to release his seed. His freshly circumcised cock is throbbing uncontrollably and his tight untouched ass is puckering with extreme anticipation.

Fallen did a great job with these two for his image of them. (The second of them period.) We added some freckles to Seb on his face and chest. It's been a long time since we featured these two characters and after this image I have an even greater desire to see more of them together. Expect some more on the way soon! :)


  1. awesome, would love to see some centaur gay sex...

  2. awesome, would love to see some centaur gay sex...

    1. Hey there uncutdragon. I actually have some Centaurs having gay sex in comics and images on this site.
      Here are a couple links:

      If you click the Centaur Label at the bottom of this post, or on the side of the blog, you will find many other images as well!



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