Saturday, September 29, 2012

Enter Jarrod The Barbarian

Today Aneros and I proudly present our newest creation, Jarrod the Barbarian.  This beautiful image was done for Guytoonists birthday and is based on what we think Guytoonist would look like as a Barbarian!!!!  By wielding his mystical pencil he can easily rub out his most hated of foes...

I always wanted to see Guytoonist as a true barbarian. He so easily and endlessly pours out these wonderful characters of his, that you might just think he has some sort of link to sexy fantasy world. One where he would fit in perfectly. (Though I will say he has much better manners then any barbarian. Maybe not Dave...) Anyway! Aneros did a fantastic job capturing Guytoonist likeness and putting into a barbarian body.  (Which wasn't very difficult given what we had to work with! ) We had a really great time going over his pictures and deciding how to pose him.  Aneros wanted to pose him Frazetta style and I just had to have him include a cthulhu like monster for him to attack.  We really wanted to add in things that would really strike a cord with our dear friend.  I think Aneros more then accomplished that.

Here is my rendition of the Jarrod the Barbarian, complete with our OCs Vann Illian and Aneros himself checking out our newest hero. LOL At my rubber legs...

In the spirit of the celebration of a new Barbarian to the blog, here's a little Warrior Parade for you all to enjoy!

 This guy looks very much like a Red Martian Warrior from John Carter!

Two Jungle hunks:

 This is Kane Sumabat.  He's like a Filipino Tarzan!


  1. I guess the pen(cil) is mightier than the sword, in this case! (Though he'd look good with one of those, too.) Thanks DP and Aneros for introducing him!

    Agreed on Kane, too -- I wouldn't mind seeing him in (or peeking out of) a loincloth.



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