Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pirate Ship Commando By Cray

Today where I live, it was like the fist true day of summer. It was scorching hot! So here is the return of the retro days of summer. I started this idea last year and think I will continue it a bit more this year. This image features the star of Capcom's Pirate Ship Higemaru, sailor Momotaro encountering Commando star Super Joe hiding in one the pirate barrels. :) The sexy Pin up was done by my old buddy Cray!

Cray did a splendid job on the image. It features what is probably his wildest foreskin ever. It's deep dark hole on the tip really makes the foreskin look thick! Any man would want to wrap their hands around that thing. Momotaro certainly has some sexy strong sailor legs. He looks so firmly planted, I don't think a typhoon could move him. :D Cray made sure Momotaro worked out. All that exercise ensured a sick chest and abs! This sailor is pumped! It was Crays wicked idea to give him an anchor tattoo. A little nod to Popeye? :)
Cray made Commando look a lot sexier then his official art. Crays adding a tight shirt, extra nice chest and a very handsome face did wonders for him! :P We decided to make him cut.
Thanks so much Cray the picture is too slick! Can't wait for our next project!

Ah Commando, a classic from back in a time when Capcom was known for their awesome array of shooting games. Wasted many an early summer morning blasting away at that title on the NES when I was a kid. Here is some of the official art. I think Super Joe is one of the least explored of Capcoms potential studs. Maybe it's cause he is a bit generic.

Can you find Commando Super Joe?

So what do you folks think about Commando? Should he come back for more?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Final Birthday Post! Ad140, FallenAngel and Lastmanouthere

Okay guys something a bit different with this entry. I am going to show the final group of images I was lucky enough to get for my birthday, but as well I will be premiering three brand new characters. First off is the image I was very surprised to get yesterday. It's Joey drawn super adorable once again by Andy AD140! :D

Andy not only drew a wonderful image he also said some very kind words as well. The boy got me blushing. He apologized for being late (like he has too!) So I said, it might be a couple days late, but that cake looks very fresh to me! :D Especially that topping! Hee hee Wow! Joey has been saving up to ice the entire cake, eh? That will be one heck of an orgasm. I bet cumming that much must feel extraordinary. XD ENVY!!! :blush::inlove:
Thank you Andy! I have said it before to you, but you really do make some sparkling faces. Joey is just so darn adorable. I want to tassel that hair of his! He might punch someone for being that fresh with him...but those eyes tell me he's a gentle fighter! He has the rosiest cheeks I ever saw on him! If not for the naughtiness with would make a very marketable greeting card! XD LOL. But then that is why I love it so much. Wouldn't change that for the world. Very nice cock on him. I like how thick the foreskin is under the front of the cock head. Very nice touch. :D Yum yum yum, I had better save some room for a little down under delight!
Thank you very much man for taking on Joey once again and also thank you for the very kind words. :)

Next up is a big surprise, cause it's of Danny! He's a character sweet FallenAngel created with me way back when! What a delightful treat to see him again! This time he's sporting some new duds to give him a little Ali style as Fallen put it. :) So now Danny has a sexy new outfit to don in his next bout!

Danny is back with some fresh new lips and even more definition! Gonna be hanging on to that hoodie, it looks wicked on him! Love the tribal pattern on it. Very cool! Dannys cock is awesome. The pink head really stands out beautifully. It's so big and thick and strong..jeeze (pokes it.) He could fuck anything with that! Thanks so much Master FallenAngel you always know just what the perfect gift is bro! You keep me going! This was a nice reminder that we have a wonderful character to work with. You know Danny will be back. This actually inspired me to think up several new stories for him.

The third and final image comes from the sexy and talented Lastmanouthere. He asked me some time ago what kind of image I would like for my birthday. Well talk about getting a genie in a bottle! XD That was really awesome of him! It didn't take me longer then a few seconds to come up with just the idea for him. I doodled up a party scene with our favorite Mayan boys in it. Ixy, Nehme, Tucatiuh and even brand new character. And Lastman set to work. (While I counted the days in great anticipation.) A true reason to party cause today we unleash the puppets of Nehme!

I don't know, I can't think of a more refined party gift then half naked men, a dragon and cake all drawn by him! XD

Ixy and Nehme have settled their differences in the spirit of the day, but alas the message of this temporary truce was not received by Nee. As always Lastman did a fantastic job. Even though the image was done days ago, he strived for perfection and continued to add things to it over the last week. Nee can take the cake, I will take the meaty dishes Lastman serves up over it any day! Even though it was not asked, he still found a way to add in some sensual elements. Nehmes big balls and Ixy's wardrobe malfunction were a tantalizing touch! I can't tear my eyes off his Nehme. Love those arm muscles to death! The costumes of both men are breathtaking. I don't know how he does it so fast. The high res is just gorgeous. The characters look like they were painted on an animation cell. :D
Lastman always the expert costume designer created a nice comfy little outfit for Nee. He even gave him some wood markings on his cheeks, something I had in mind, but never was able to execute properly myself. Like those little stick legs.

Nee the Pygmee is Nehmes henchmen puppet. He lives to serve his master. He is the smallest of Nehmes puppets, but he is also the the toughest. Smart, agile and a master warrior, are all things Nee would love to be! The truth is he is the grunt sent in to do the hard stuff and take the most lumps. :P Nee, despite his thievery, is a sweet little scamp. His main adversary is Tucatiuh, the toucan dragon. They are constantly at odds with each other.
I first drew these guys up along with Nehme. I wasn't too happy with my designs at first. So they went back to the drawing board, again and again. XD Nee however was different. I recently redid him just a touch and couldn't stop drawing him. One day I am sure these little sketches will make their way into larger pictures. :)
My sketch of the scene. I like how Lastmanouthere added in a candle to the middle of the sun to make it give off light. :D Very clever!

Nee Redesign page one. I decided to give him a very large nose.

Kee the bird puppet comforts Nee. Still working on his look.

My latest sketches of Naoume, the head puppet.

Did I err?

The first sketch of the puppets. This was done right beside my first image of Nehme last summer.

Nee dreams of being a true hero and saving Nehme.

Okay guys! I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes look. Tomorrow something special from Cray! It's been awhile since his last project with me. :D

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Birthday Blog Part 2 Madiunshorn and Bryce Peters!

As promised here is part 2 of my birthday blog. Two of my favorite characters drawn by two of my favorite guys! :D I have 3 very special people to thank for the first image: Patrick Fillion, Robert Fraser and Bryce Peters! XD It's Lil' Deep BoyToon Adventures style!

If you didn't already know from my review that I am HUGE fan of this style. BoyToons is among the top on my list of very favorite books from Class. Because of that, this image is a double dream come true. I gotta say that for years it has been a mutual wish of Adonix and myself that we would one day see our Lil'Deep drawn by our dear friend Patrick. I let out a little gasp as my heart stopped for a second when I laid eyes on him.
There is so much to say about this sea stud! Love his big blue nipples first off. They are yummy! And that tight slippery skin on his chest and abs with a slick wavy effect just makes me want to slide up and down him! LOL! It's cute how big his tail is in comparison to his tiny little feet! XD Bryce even added a lighter tone to the bottom of his feet. That's just soooooooo adorable! He Topped him off with a pure big and juicy Class Comics cock. That wrinkled up foreskin and bright pink head was my feast for the day! XD
Thank you so much again guys. He's amazing! Days later, I still want to pinch myself, make sure I am not dreaming. OW!!! XD

The next image is an extraordinary sketch by my dearest Mario! He drew up Dimata and judging by the numerous times I have commissioned him to draw the mammoth man, he could gamble I was really gonna be enjoying this!!!

Check out Dimata, strutting his stuff like a super model! Powermen ain't got nothing on the pen of Maduinshorn!

It's no secrete that I think Mario is one best artists out there. So getting this was greatly appreciated. The man really gets Dimata and it shows in every inch of him, from his perfect tusks, the killer muscles, to the wonderful placement of hair on his body. I think my favorite feature besides his wicked tusks and smile are the big heavy egg shaped balls! I just want to cup them!!! I like this so much I might even have to color it myself! :D Thank you so very much Mario.

Well guys I will end this by stating that these images both should have come with warnings on the e-mails, cause they are both da bomb!!!!

Catch you all tomorrow with more fun!!!! Still got one more birthday blog to come!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday blog Part 1!

Hey again! I decided to do a blog about some of the wonderful gifts I got for my birthday in a couple of posts! Gives a little more spotlight to each one! The first image I will highlight is a very special gift from my sweet Karulox! He made me promise I would not go to bed before he had a chance to wish me a very happy birthday! Around 11:30 he presented me with this very wicked sketch of Apis Bull. With it the words, 'from the moment I saw him I wanted to draw him, this is for all you support.' Hearing that he was enchanted with the character so so long made this even more special. He used no other version, but my own sketch for inspiration which was also very heart warming and filled me with a little bit of pride, considering how many gorgeous image have been created that deserve far more attention then my humble doodle.
So here he is finally on my blog! :D

Karulox gave him a glittering smile that would lite up the night sky! He could charm the pants off anyone with that handsome face and those beautiful eyes. I want to thump him gently with my fists, like a drum, on that big soft chest! XD Then I would pull on that huge bush of pit hair and watch him squirm!!! LOL! Dang seeing this super handsome specimen, is prompting me to ask him to do 'more' of him, if you know what I mean! ;) Thank you so much Karulox! The final gift of my birthday had me partying late into the night. Apis looks ready to sweep me into his arms and do so!!!

Now from the last thing, we go to the first thing that was in my inbox on the morning of May 24. This one came from my dear friend Raul from The Rainbow Boys. Some time ago Raul did me the great honor of creating a Dinosaur Prince character. The big guy is such a handsome fellow! I found myself showing him off to family and friends. :D He has spikes on his head and shoulders and a metal plate on the bottom of his jaw! You can see his original work here:


I was very surprised to see another prince from his tribe appear in my inbox!

When I first gazed upon him I thought he might be the same character, slightly redesigned. After a quick inspection, I saw that this young man is indeed a brand new character. Perhaps a brother, or rival prince of the original. Unlike the his earlier counterpart, this princes stride and pose seems to show a personality that is little more head strong. With his head flung back and a satisfied smile crossing his blush filled face, he might even come off just a bit understandably arrogant. :P I love the stegosaurus plates. They look fabulous! And Raul really kicked it up a notch with the inclusion of the bumps on his head surrounding them.

He has the most interesting mix of human and reptilian features much like Rex. He has nice fuzzy chest, but in other places where one would find hair on a human male, he has bumps and scales. They seem to represent as well freckles, or perhaps even imperfections in the skin that often adorn a young man. Take for example the ones beside the eyes. They remind me of tiny scars you may get while coming out of puberty, or just simple freckles. All these features are perfect personifications in reptile form of aspects that make us all the more human and endearing. They show strength and vulnerability at the same time. To me this adds a very real, human persona in such a strong and beautiful fantasy character.

The remnants of bonds, that Adorne his arms, the torn rope and lone metal plate make me wonder about his past. Was he once royalty made a slave? Was he captured and set to work, to only just escape? Is the tan on his bottom the result of his youthful succulence, or from bruises caused by hard labor and unprotected exposure to sunlight, or even abuse? Is he just now putting his head back to enjoy for the first time in countless days, the energizing sunlight that only can be felt with freedom?

So many questions. All in all, I was very touched by him. He really speaks to me. Raul thank you very much for creating such an interesting and inspiring character for all to enjoy and for me to have some fun with! :D

Really Cool Find! Snow White Tin

I had to write a blog post about this. This morning I went to a garage sale at a local Church and found this amazing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tin. The artwork is really classy. It was only 25 cents! It states on the back that it's from Walt Disney Land in Florida, but has not date on it. It's so cool I had to share some images I found of it online. On E-bay the thing goes anywhere from $14-30, so it was quite a steal! I am going to store tea bags in it. :P

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sega Legends Thor and Axe Battler Explore Each Other

Hey guys! I took a bit of a break this week due to my birthday. I have many amazing images to share with you guys. I received some very gen gifts from dear friends. Today since Fallen did a great blog post as a teaser, I figured I will start with the latest pieces drawn for me by the awesome Sirio and FallenAngel.

You guys must have seen this coming when I did the blog about Golden Axe eh? Well Axe Battler wasn't the only fantasy hunk to fall out of the Sega Stables. Far from it! :P Back in the Genesis days Sega Produced a set of games that were Arabian themed. The games seem to be influenced by Legend of Zelda. I have only played a bit of the first game called Beyond Oasis. While I was looking up Sega Saturn games I rediscovered a game called Legend of Oasis, or in Japan: Thor ~Chronicles of the Elemental King. When I found the sexy art of Thor and his cute companions I felt like I really missed out on something. I started to have thoughts about him meeting Axe Battler......

First off we have Sirios art, which was started first. Sirio did a spectacular job on the characters. In truth both characters were adopted by both artists with flare and style. Sirio and Fallen worked extra hard on both images and seemed to be having a lot of fun with them! (Fallen really fell for Thor as you will see!) Take for example Thors pants above. I really appreciate the lengths Sirio went through to make Thors legs visible under his parachute pants. They are very stylishly shaded. There is a ton of personality in Thors face as well. He looks like a teen heart throb. I really like those green eyes Sirio gave him. I don't think he had an eye color in any of the official art I sent. It's a great choice!
I decided Thor would have a cut cock and Axe an uncut one due to his possible European status. :P It's hot how the folds of skin is lumped tightly half way up the head and shows signs of tightness around and below the base of the crown. Sirio went all out giving Thor one nicely drawn big cock! It looks very heavy. Only a warrior could lift that thing! XD

I really enjoyed seeing how each artist handled the transition of Axe from the cover art to their own style. Sirio gave him soft straw like strands of hair, while Fallen gave him long flowing blond locks. Sirio applied a couple small eyes, giving him a gentle look. Fallen gave him large expression filled ones. His Axe looks so happy to finally have his cock freed of it's bonds. And who wouldn't be with an Arabian hunk like that pulling them down?
Fallen colored the men up in his deep shading style that he affixes to many fantasy images. This gives the characters a little more definition and tone. Axe is looking great with his Malibu tan and baby blue speedos. He's got this fresh youthfulness to him, that's very refreshing. What is it with me and blond tanned guys in blue? :D With Fallen they both became uncut. Due to this, Thors dick head in particular wound up having an exceptional shape to it.

Fallen so enjoyed drawing Thor that he did a bunch of fan art of him and sent it my way. He really has a way with the character. He posted all three sexy images (Including one of Thor in a speedo this time!!! XD) on his blog here:

Thanks so much you two for the wonderful images!!!
Here is some great scans of Thor.

I really wish Sega of America had used the box art from Japan. I would have been a lot more interested in the title and probably would have picked it up with out question. Maybe one day I will find a way to embark on a journey with Thor.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Chris Redfield meets...Devilman? XD

An interesting pairing today, but one with a reason! Months ago, Devilman an artist with a widely known friendly personality online, helped me complete the last stages of Resident Evil 5. I really appreciated his help and had a great time playing with him. I got to thinking of what it would be like to have Chris Meet the Anime legend himself. The result? A sexy PSN trophy of thanks just for him, as drawn with true hotness and skill by FallenAngel!

Devilman can't take Chris's Magic Fingers for long!!!! I don't doubt the artist, or myself could either!!! XD

This is the second time Fallen has drawn both Chris and Devilman for me! Both look so hot once again. It's so much fun watching Fallen do characters from his favorite manga artist. This time we get to see Devilman in the receiving end and a great view of Chris's perfect ass! He really dished out the smoothness on those foreskins! The men are having a great time on Chris's jeep. They had to use it to get away from Sheva I guess! :P

A special version with shaved balls version! XD

Well guys that's it for me today. I am out. Gonna go check out some Pirates.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Presenting Vann Illia #2 Fruit Salad Savior!

Hey Guys! Big stuff today! FallenAngel and I worked all month on this project! It's based on an idea rolling 'round since Vann came into existence. We both have been dying to post this all month. It's a total dream to present it to you all. Hope you guys enjoy it! You won't believe how much Fallen outdid himself on this one. :D

DinosaurPrince's Kingdom
Proudly Presents

Vann the Barbarian #2

Story and Editing by DinosaurPrince
Art and additional Story by FallenAngel

Making of Extra....hide your eyes.. XD

FallenAngel did an absolutly brilliant job on this. There was not cutting corners with this guy. When we got to page 5 for example, I wanted to make it a bit easier for him. So I redid the page as one frame. As you can see he took that and expanded on it even further. What a guy!

This was my first sketch of the dragon. He started out as a fire demon, but I didn't care much for the concept. The spike on the very back of his head was kinda supposed to look like a pony tail. He's got a bit of European, Asian and muppet influence in him. XD

The coconut Kid among some other warriors. The leaf hat was fallens idea. :D

The very first story sketch I did. This was before there was a fleshed out story to go with it. The cross dressing Princess and Kraw are already in place.
Rough layout of the first page.
Layout of the sex. I drew these two pages so fast it wasn't funny.


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