Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hype Is Longing For A Life On Land

Today thanks to Maduinshorn, I introduce you all to Hype, an amphibian character who hails from the Devonian oceans of Prehistoric Paradise. Hype just wants to enjoy life on land, but he is a captive of Chiida. Why Chiida would want to keep him locked away underwater is uncertain. Hypes desire for a life beyond the sea parallels the creatures of his time. (Not to mention a certain mermaid. XD) Hype is young, very naive and super adventurous. He leads a sad life spent longing for acceptance in the world above the waves.

Hype begs to feel the sun on his back as he mates on land....

I searched for over a year for an amphibian to base him on. I started designs for him back in early 09, but was never really happy with anything I came up with. Outside of the tail, most of these creatures were very sleek, but plain in design. Then I remembered the creature from Walking With Monsters.

I loved the yellow and black design on this guy. As well, I remembered something that I had forgotten about many early tetrapods had more digits then animals did today...

This was the first image of him I was happy with. I gave him stars on his knees and elbows. XD Hype has short strong arms. The stripes on his head are a little like another character I love. Subconscious they found themselves there. XD I went with stripes when I found I wasn't skilled enough to make spots work right. LOL. I wanted him to have giant spirit filled eyes, a residual nose and a few fins hanging from his legs.

I threw away the antenna on his head almost right away. I like the fin Maduinshorn came up with much better. It can be retracted if he wishes to look bald. :D The antenna were a bit too out of place on a Hynerpeton.

Maduinshorn was kind enough months ago to send me a sketch of him with some new features. As you can see he gave him some cool scales set so they look as if they in case his abdominal muscles. Very creative! He also added some stellar pubic scales as well. I'm not sure if these creatures had scales, but perhaps Hype has a little Lobe-finned fish left in him. :P

I really wanted him to take him on and finish the sketch, but Mario felt the character deserved something more. He challenged me to come up with a concept that was even more dramatic then what he drew to present him to the world with. So I sat and did best to come up with the basic design of the stunning image he completed yesterday. Maduinshorn came up with one very breathtaking perspective. Even from the first sketch the struggle and passion of the characters was more then apparent. I could hear their voices, see the water spraying and feel the sun beating down upon them.
This guys always got his mind working over time. He took Chiida and really thought out his placement in the image. He not only gave him a firm grip on Hype, but also got him exploring using very unconventional means since both his hands are free. :P His Chiida is SOLID and that pink cock is wrapped in one hell of a thick turtle neck! Wow..big and beefy dick...sweet...
I am sure that this won't be the last we see of Hype.

Here is a version of the image with out the water filter. Enjoy! :D


  1. This is very nice. :B I like the muscle tone that Mad brings to your characters, including the new guy here. It's so unfair that he has to be pulled back down by his leg and dick though. XD;; Poor guy. Liking the flowy watery effects in the image too, and of course your fun preliminary character sketches, or coloring linearts in this case, fun stuff. :D

  2. Thanks Bu for this wonderful comment! Maybe he will make it to land one day.
    LOL I don't know, I guess I still consider it a sketch when I draw. XD

  3. nice new OC :D and nice view here woho! -FallenAngel



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