Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pirate Ship Commando By Cray

Today where I live, it was like the fist true day of summer. It was scorching hot! So here is the return of the retro days of summer. I started this idea last year and think I will continue it a bit more this year. This image features the star of Capcom's Pirate Ship Higemaru, sailor Momotaro encountering Commando star Super Joe hiding in one the pirate barrels. :) The sexy Pin up was done by my old buddy Cray!

Cray did a splendid job on the image. It features what is probably his wildest foreskin ever. It's deep dark hole on the tip really makes the foreskin look thick! Any man would want to wrap their hands around that thing. Momotaro certainly has some sexy strong sailor legs. He looks so firmly planted, I don't think a typhoon could move him. :D Cray made sure Momotaro worked out. All that exercise ensured a sick chest and abs! This sailor is pumped! It was Crays wicked idea to give him an anchor tattoo. A little nod to Popeye? :)
Cray made Commando look a lot sexier then his official art. Crays adding a tight shirt, extra nice chest and a very handsome face did wonders for him! :P We decided to make him cut.
Thanks so much Cray the picture is too slick! Can't wait for our next project!

Ah Commando, a classic from back in a time when Capcom was known for their awesome array of shooting games. Wasted many an early summer morning blasting away at that title on the NES when I was a kid. Here is some of the official art. I think Super Joe is one of the least explored of Capcoms potential studs. Maybe it's cause he is a bit generic.

Can you find Commando Super Joe?

So what do you folks think about Commando? Should he come back for more?


  1. DP, that last pic of CAPCOM rush is like your in a RUSH SALE event..I'm NOT gonna stand there get trampled LOL* - FallenAngel

  2. Maybe that is what they had in mind. It is a bargain title with tons of games crammed in!



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