Monday, May 23, 2011

Chris Redfield meets...Devilman? XD

An interesting pairing today, but one with a reason! Months ago, Devilman an artist with a widely known friendly personality online, helped me complete the last stages of Resident Evil 5. I really appreciated his help and had a great time playing with him. I got to thinking of what it would be like to have Chris Meet the Anime legend himself. The result? A sexy PSN trophy of thanks just for him, as drawn with true hotness and skill by FallenAngel!

Devilman can't take Chris's Magic Fingers for long!!!! I don't doubt the artist, or myself could either!!! XD

This is the second time Fallen has drawn both Chris and Devilman for me! Both look so hot once again. It's so much fun watching Fallen do characters from his favorite manga artist. This time we get to see Devilman in the receiving end and a great view of Chris's perfect ass! He really dished out the smoothness on those foreskins! The men are having a great time on Chris's jeep. They had to use it to get away from Sheva I guess! :P

A special version with shaved balls version! XD

Well guys that's it for me today. I am out. Gonna go check out some Pirates.


  1. Yay Pirates!!!! Hope you have fun x3!!!

    Thanks for both you and Fallen (he knows i like this a lot :D) its great to see new Devilman stuff (is rare D:) and Chris(specially sexy in here x3) is always welcome!!!

    I wish trophies give you wallpapers like this D:

  2. @Devilman, glad you like it :D



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