Monday, May 16, 2011

Kick Ass Metroid Art

I recently came upon a treasure trove of great video game art. The biggest jewel I found was this image called Metroid circle. It was drawn by an artist after being frustrated by the recent Other M game. I have to say, if Nintendo does ever make another remake of the original Metroid, or wants to do a cute 2.5D version of the game they really should knock on Andrew Wilson's door. This guy has some mad skillz. He could bring a lot to the game with his fresh ideas and charming style.

He also did a super cute version of Dejah Thoris:

You can check out his blog here, there's lots more Metroid stuff to discover:

I never saw this image from Druaga till recently. It's so cute!
Ah, collecting Druaga secret shame. :P

You knew someone was going to do this joke eventually. Gotta say I love that anime Micheal!

This is why I don't get Pokemon:

Amazing art from the comical Galaga '88. Surprisingly this is from Japan.


  1. galaga is bit freaky O_O// Love Tower of Druuga :D - FallenAngel

  2. Yeah it is, especially considering the game it is promoting.



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