Sunday, May 1, 2011

Space Spa By Maduinshorn

Continuing our Space theme into May, here is Maduinshorns latest wonder.
I see a full moon getting it's crater explored:

The galaxy has dreamy stars that illuminate two hunks in heat!

Yes once again Idaten from Cho Aniki is the subject of another awesome image. I love this guy! I had a rough idea of the image I wanted, but Maduinshorn was the genius behind really fleshing out some very boner inducing ideas here. :D Love the little penis head kiss. XD Adam looks better then he does in game. Madunishorns Idaten and Adam are so perfectly hot, they gotta come back for more some day. :) He worked extra hard on the background and foreground. He turned Adams Moon into a spiffy tub. It looks smashing. My idea of it having a slight overflow was turned into gorgeous sparkling waterfall. I haven't been this impressed with water since Gamecubes Waverace. Take a good look at the heavenly objects. I have a funny feeling they might be put to good use if Adam can snatch them! :P

Thank you Maduinshorn for this awe inspiring piece. Now that's a Super Moon!


  1. Yummmy hot bath eh :D - FallenAngel

  2. Nice colors, pose, and muscles of course! Mad has a ton of good visuals, I love the way the abs turned out, as well as the water. That's some super work! Nice one here, DP! :3



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