Friday, May 20, 2011

Presenting Vann Illia #2 Fruit Salad Savior!

Hey Guys! Big stuff today! FallenAngel and I worked all month on this project! It's based on an idea rolling 'round since Vann came into existence. We both have been dying to post this all month. It's a total dream to present it to you all. Hope you guys enjoy it! You won't believe how much Fallen outdid himself on this one. :D

DinosaurPrince's Kingdom
Proudly Presents

Vann the Barbarian #2

Story and Editing by DinosaurPrince
Art and additional Story by FallenAngel

Making of Extra....hide your eyes.. XD

FallenAngel did an absolutly brilliant job on this. There was not cutting corners with this guy. When we got to page 5 for example, I wanted to make it a bit easier for him. So I redid the page as one frame. As you can see he took that and expanded on it even further. What a guy!

This was my first sketch of the dragon. He started out as a fire demon, but I didn't care much for the concept. The spike on the very back of his head was kinda supposed to look like a pony tail. He's got a bit of European, Asian and muppet influence in him. XD

The coconut Kid among some other warriors. The leaf hat was fallens idea. :D

The very first story sketch I did. This was before there was a fleshed out story to go with it. The cross dressing Princess and Kraw are already in place.
Rough layout of the first page.
Layout of the sex. I drew these two pages so fast it wasn't funny.


  1. Nyohohohoh I absolutely enjoy your script on the 2nd Vann its really fun :D - FallenAngel

  2. this is great!!

  3. Hahahah XD Only FallenAngel would make a manga equally hot and funny XD Nice job guys! You outdid yourselves! *thumbs up*

  4. @mlm4anemone, thank you :D - FallenAngel

  5. An epic comic indeed! You are both geniuses!

  6. Thanks Lastman! That's very sweet of you!
    LOL I agree MlM3anemone! He has a knack for pulling off these kinds of things. :D
    Thank you so Adonix!



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