Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday blog Part 1!

Hey again! I decided to do a blog about some of the wonderful gifts I got for my birthday in a couple of posts! Gives a little more spotlight to each one! The first image I will highlight is a very special gift from my sweet Karulox! He made me promise I would not go to bed before he had a chance to wish me a very happy birthday! Around 11:30 he presented me with this very wicked sketch of Apis Bull. With it the words, 'from the moment I saw him I wanted to draw him, this is for all you support.' Hearing that he was enchanted with the character so so long made this even more special. He used no other version, but my own sketch for inspiration which was also very heart warming and filled me with a little bit of pride, considering how many gorgeous image have been created that deserve far more attention then my humble doodle.
So here he is finally on my blog! :D

Karulox gave him a glittering smile that would lite up the night sky! He could charm the pants off anyone with that handsome face and those beautiful eyes. I want to thump him gently with my fists, like a drum, on that big soft chest! XD Then I would pull on that huge bush of pit hair and watch him squirm!!! LOL! Dang seeing this super handsome specimen, is prompting me to ask him to do 'more' of him, if you know what I mean! ;) Thank you so much Karulox! The final gift of my birthday had me partying late into the night. Apis looks ready to sweep me into his arms and do so!!!

Now from the last thing, we go to the first thing that was in my inbox on the morning of May 24. This one came from my dear friend Raul from The Rainbow Boys. Some time ago Raul did me the great honor of creating a Dinosaur Prince character. The big guy is such a handsome fellow! I found myself showing him off to family and friends. :D He has spikes on his head and shoulders and a metal plate on the bottom of his jaw! You can see his original work here:

I was very surprised to see another prince from his tribe appear in my inbox!

When I first gazed upon him I thought he might be the same character, slightly redesigned. After a quick inspection, I saw that this young man is indeed a brand new character. Perhaps a brother, or rival prince of the original. Unlike the his earlier counterpart, this princes stride and pose seems to show a personality that is little more head strong. With his head flung back and a satisfied smile crossing his blush filled face, he might even come off just a bit understandably arrogant. :P I love the stegosaurus plates. They look fabulous! And Raul really kicked it up a notch with the inclusion of the bumps on his head surrounding them.

He has the most interesting mix of human and reptilian features much like Rex. He has nice fuzzy chest, but in other places where one would find hair on a human male, he has bumps and scales. They seem to represent as well freckles, or perhaps even imperfections in the skin that often adorn a young man. Take for example the ones beside the eyes. They remind me of tiny scars you may get while coming out of puberty, or just simple freckles. All these features are perfect personifications in reptile form of aspects that make us all the more human and endearing. They show strength and vulnerability at the same time. To me this adds a very real, human persona in such a strong and beautiful fantasy character.

The remnants of bonds, that Adorne his arms, the torn rope and lone metal plate make me wonder about his past. Was he once royalty made a slave? Was he captured and set to work, to only just escape? Is the tan on his bottom the result of his youthful succulence, or from bruises caused by hard labor and unprotected exposure to sunlight, or even abuse? Is he just now putting his head back to enjoy for the first time in countless days, the energizing sunlight that only can be felt with freedom?

So many questions. All in all, I was very touched by him. He really speaks to me. Raul thank you very much for creating such an interesting and inspiring character for all to enjoy and for me to have some fun with! :D


  1. aww thank you for that comments about my drawing ^^ btw i just wanted to have a nice birthday and you had one ^^ so that's nice ^^ im happy for you :P

  2. Happy belated birthday, my princely friend. X3 Looks to me that you got a few goodies from many people this year, congrats! I can only humbly apologize that I couldn't accommodate you the same way they did. I'll make it up to you. D: Good work to these two talented dudessss. X3 I know I already gave Karu lots of praise, he did really well! :D

  3. Nice art and hot studs you guys did - FallenAngel



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