Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prehistoric Paradise Contest!

A couple months ago I started a club called Prehistoric Paradise on the Y!Gallery. A club for any kind of Gay erotic art featuring long extinct creatures of the past. The response has been very good from the community. Not only are my commissions found there, but many talented artist have contributed their own creations to the club as well.

Due to all the positive responses I got bold last month and hosted a contest! I called it the Summer of the Marine Reptile Contest and asked people to submit their own original sexy Plesiosaur men. The turn out was outstanding. So many artist poured their hearts out.
Voting starts as of now and runs till the 12th of September. The top 3 will win a cash prize. All voting is to be done from my page on the Y!gallery. Though I have given thought to hosing future voting on this site. One entrant Kidnova, could not post his creation on the Y!gallery due to a rule violation. You will find it on another site, Furaffinity and below.

You can vote HERE:


These are the contestants:










Good luck to everyone!

Recent works, Barbarians are in style.

Growing up the 80's and 90's there was no Y!gallery and very little in way of gay comic porn that any kid could get his hands on. So when it came to much needed jerk off material, one imagination would run wild turning the pages of a Conan comic book. Same goes for all the early Castlevania art. Those Belmonts were dead sexy! So to me, it's kind of a shock that there is a lack of art of Conan and even Simon Belmont. What I am presenting today is a scene that graced my mind since I was a kid down beautifully by the talent artist Buddhathegod. Buddha came highly recommended by a friend. I was happy to have met him, he's sweet young man and full of passion.

Simon pulls out and enjoys a mutual jerk off with Conan.

My Recation:

(About Buddhathegod) I Have to say he's a very considerate artist and a funny, sweet guy all around. Going over various costumes and images with me and asking all sorts of pose questions. A very hard working artist. :widesmile:
This pic is tits!!! I love it. Oh man so many of my early fantasies involved Conan and Simon Belmont. You did an amazing job on these two. Love the cum shot, the big fat uncut cock on Conan and the huge head on Simons cut cock.
Conans expression is priceless and I dig Simons big chin!
Very nice BG too, gotta love a ruined piece of Castlevania with the light of the sunrise illuminating the two lovers. It gives a a soft tone to two brutal lovers. :blush:
So much so that it has inspired me to ask for more Conan and Simon in the future.

The aftermath.

This image has become one of the most popular commissions on Y Gallery someone has drawn for me. More to come for sure!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rikuo Lust and a Wave Racer!

Hey, here's a very special premier picture! Done by the ever Talented Roalli from Y! gallery. He had a great idea for Rikuo administering a pearl necklace onto a foe. I went with the idea right away. We made it so Rikuo would have a huge thick stream of cum that would gather and become pearls around the opponent. Roalli got the concept down right away as far as the cum thickly oozing from Rikous head. We then went through some ideas for the pearls. Because this is a finishing move for Rikuo I wanted Roalli to tackle his frills and make his nuts huge. Below him is a sexy struggling Demetri! Enjoy!

Check out that poll! Woo!

Roalli did a kick ass job on Rikuo. Though hard to see with the smaller res version, his gills are full of details. Rikuo's Frills are just spectacular. It's inspired me to want to see more of him this way! Demtiri is way sexy. Roalli showed me various colouring techniques and shades for both characters. A total gentleman. The pearls are perfect, just as I imagined them. Gooey, sticky fun. You know Demitri loves it!!!

This is my reaction:

Ok I did a huge blog post on this, but I have to say that is is pure genius. Roalli asked me about the pearl necklace technique and from there both our minds went crazy. This is EXACTLY what I wanted. A thick glorious gob of cum draining from Rikous over sized cut cock and GIANT balls. The ultimate finishing move, cum that you can feel just thickly tickle out of your piss slit. So fucking hot.:heart::heart::heart: Of course he has to have his frills out. Despite the lack of refs, Roalli you got it down EXACT. He looks fanfreakingtastic. He's a wonder to behold man. And Demitri is just wondrous. He's a hunky little vampire, with wonderfully defined muscles, an uncut dick, and hair that's stunning.
Thanks Roalli, you worked so hard on this and your efforts really show. One of your best pictures to date. So much is going on here!!

Check out Rikou getting coloured. :)

Awhile back I asked Caravaggia if she wouldn't mind taking on two of my favorite Darkstalkers meeting each other on the beach. Well she came up with this gorgeous image:

Not only did she do this, but she also took on a very special request. Here is it for the first time, Rikuo and Donavan if they were black!!! HOT!!!

My reaction:

Oh boy, do I love his! Rikou and Donovan sex on the beach at night! WOO! Can you hear the waves? I can!!! the sea..
This is so hot. I love the pose Rikuo is in. He's so cute! And that cock is amazing. yours have to be some of the best around. They are so detailed and well drawn. Heck they both are! This is just draving me crazy. I want more!! XD
Thank you so much it has been a real pleasure to commission you again.

There is also a pink cock headed version of Rikou, I may just upload it if people want to see it! Thought it was very hot!

Next we have my fellow Ontario boy CrazyMiki with his version of Rikuo! I have been a fan of his for years now and I was honored that he would take on my Darkstalker Dream boat.

My reaction:

This is a very nice take on Rikuo. I love his face, his eyes and his build. Nice nipples! XD Sadly I feel it's a shame that his penis and testicles that look so good are cut off. :(
Overall not only is he very handsome, I have to say he is one of your best coloured pieces, if not the best you have submitted here! Thanks! :heart:

Yes was a little bad and made a comment bout his penis head being cut off...hey, it's so hot!!! I had a huge desire to see the whole thing! LOL. I have to say this is my favorite of his images. Not just cause it is Rikuo, but because you can really see his style and art make some awesome progress here. I love his strong face and piercing eyes.

Ok since this is a water themed blog, here's a real treat!

Next up a little gift from Demona! A favorite character of mine is Ryota, from Wave Race Blue Storm. That boy really boils my potatoes! I have some comms of him just waiting to be posted! This one goes up first tough. Here he is with a very succulent huge cock covered in a condom, just waiting for me! Demona even put Diddy Kongs hat on him! Ha ha, now that's creative and cute!!!

Hot stuff! Don't touch!

My reaction:
Hee hee, very cute! He's so shy! Condoms!!! XD Nintendo's family friendly values are even reflected a little in their porn characters!!! Very nicely drawn. You penis is really well done I must say. It jumps from the page.

Good Night! XD

Monday, August 17, 2009

Spacey Summer

Hi everyone! Well it's no secret that I owe my buddy Ink-b many thanks for all this wonderful contributions. He was the first to give life to many of my characters and continues to do so. So as part of my thanks to him I asked some very special artists to create images of his favorite Gay Comics character, Space Cadet. Ink sees him as a first and very inspiration character. He holds Space Cadet in very high regard.
First off is a very hot image by Ink's best Friend the ever wonderful Jacy-J!

Oh yes, there is indeed an alternate version to this wonder...I love his face here. It's so handsome. Very inviting. Great work on his shiny body. That bulge is housing some major Space Junk!!!!
Ah, I have been given special permission to present Jacy-J's first public Nude pic! Here is is Space Cadet unleashed:

Next I asked my new friend Caravaggia to produce a picture of Naked Justice jerking off in space. At least, that is what my original intention was. As I wrote the e-mail, my mind shifted gears, the wheels spun out of control and well now we have the MASTERPIECE you see below:

This was my reaction, which repeats a little of my lead up:

I was wanting to have a Space Cadet image done for my dear buddy Ink-b. I knew I had to ask one of the Y's most beloved artists of the black form; Caravaggia to take on the sexy space man! What started as an e-mail just to see him flying in the sky, suddenly became a cross over extravaganza! As I wrote my mind started to race and race and race until none other then the Little Prince got added to mix. (Though now, not so little.)
I was a big, big fan of the whole franchise when I small. (Maybe it was all that Mario Galaxy I played too...)
Thanks so much for taking on such a crazy idea! LOL.

Your cute style really makes this image so perfect and fitting, like a story book. :) I love the cum, it's like it's waving good bye. LOL. Excellent use of coloring and shading. Space Cadet looks so great. :surprised: It's so perfect how the dazzling light of the comet is reflecting off his dark skin. DANG!!!!!! :heart::drool:EXCELLENT Lighting effects!

I love the glow of the planet and the little prince is awesome! He's really handsome yet, so soft and cuddly! :inlove:
Thank you for showing me every step and adding so many additions to it. You worked so hard and did this so fast. Your love and devotion really makes it stand tall. I am very proud to have commissioned this. :) :widesmile:

It's one bed time story I want to have read to me some day! LOL.

Yep Ink loved them both so much! And Mr. Fillion loved them so much too. And when everyone is so happy, what more can I ask for? Nothing makes me feel so good as giving to the ones I care for and respect so much.

But there is more!!! Ink-B was very inspired and here for the first time is his wonderful Summer Time Space Cadet! Check out that gun!

One of the sexiest versions of Space! Gotta love the rings around his ankle, very Jetsons!! I wonder what those bubbles are made out of?

Ah man, I need a cool cool bath after looking at these hot boys again.

Please check out Caravaggia's official site:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naked Justice in the Sky

Today I have some very special stuff for everyone. First off is a set of older images that have not made it online yet. Mr. Fillion has been a great source of inspiration to myself and Neo. I mean, a few months ago he featured Neos very first commission as the cover of Boytoons. When it comes to kindness and love of the community he stands head and shoulders above the rest. I discovered who I believe is his favorite X-Men. And the picture just feel right into place after that. I present with the greatest pride Neo123 hottest work to date, Naked Justice Vs. Male Storm!!!!!

Marvel VS. Class

The concept is simple enough Naked Justice is getting zapped by lightning which is making him cum. For once it's going in to his penis, creating an organism instead of the other way around!
This took some very fun planning.
We bounced ideas for hair and body type off each other, though in truth we seemed to be finishing each others sentences more then anything! XD Neo picked the sexiest outfit he could find and wanted to do a version with a bulge just like Mr. Fillions wonderful characters have!

I decided to present Storm cut and uncut cause of geographical reasons regarding storms birthplace and because both types are so hot! Neo came up with the wonderful twister holding NJ in place! What an imagination he has! As always he put every ounce of effort into this picture. From the shading on NJ's hair, to the gorgeous lightning in Storms eyes, the man has left me speechless. I am lucky to have him a friend.

Circumcised Storm.

But let's not end here!!!! No!

Ok here is a nice tribute of Naked Justice and the gang I like to call Hercules Class done by my buddy from Italy, the master of Gladiators Sirio!!! You guys don't even want to know how long this one was on the back burner for. I went through a ton of ideas. It started back when I was doing a lot of Rikuo and Icarus and one idea had Rikuo on a seahorse riding a wave racing NJ with Icarus pointing the way. Another had Rikuo cumming on Icarus and Space Cadet cumming on NJ and I called it Second Lap Pit Stop. I had a hard time choosing who to include and who not too. In the end I decided to go with an all Class Cast. I had to use Felicia and Sethan. I was glad the mods approved her inclusion in the picture for the Y!Gallery. Sirio kept asking me what ideas I had each time we talked. I would show them to her and she would always be so into the idea. I think this idea goes further back then her Dinoboy picture she did for me.
This had to be a particular nightmare for Sirio because not only was she called upon to draw half the cast of Class Comics, she had to put them into Hercules outfits and have them in chariots. She made it though and didn't kill me in the process! XD

I was so overjoyed that Mr. Fillion liked this, I wasn't sure how it would be taken being a crossover.

My Reaction:

Oh man, this image went through a million changes in my mind long before Sirio took it on and even when we started talking about it I kept adding and changing characters. XD
Herclues Class....I love Disney stuff and Hercules is one of my all time favorites. I hope everyone enjoys this!
Thank you Sirio! You work so hard and got all the characters looking so great! You really captured them all. I think Felicia is so spot on! She's so cool as Meg! Cam is so cute and innocent. Naked Justice is so mischievous! I adore his face. Seth was the perfect choice for hades for sure. Vallan is just dying to let his student teach him a lesson! XD There is so much to write about I could spend days...
It's a crazy wild image!!:lol:
Thanks so much!!!! Big Hug!
You rock!

More wonderful stuff on the way.

King of the Jungle and the Hero of Olympus

Well it's been 10 years since Disney Released their family friendly Tarzan movie. I come from the old school. I grew up on Tarzan novels, comics and that early 80's flick with the scene where all the apes are shown being dissected to insure my 7 year old self would run upstairs crying and vomiting. Actually I loved the Greystoke movie.
Anyway Disney's attempt was heartwarming, charming and gorgeously animated. So I allowed myself to indulge in it. And indulge I did. I had been working at Wal-Mart during my early 20's and I picked up all sorts of displays and merchandise.
So it should come to no surprise to those that know me that I wanted to see some artists to fan art of him.
I am also a HUGE fan of Hercules, more so then even Tarzan. Hercules may very well be my favorite Disney movie of the 90's.
So I got the idea of Tarzan sitting in a tree in the jungle. Hercules would be pretended to sleep with a bunch of bananas hiding his uncut cock. Tarzan reaches in while Herc sneaks a peek. The theme is simple, a cut guy discovers foreskin in the most innocent and delightful way I could think of. Maybe naughty is a better word...
Anyway I have a huge fascination with cut and uncut couples. On either end the other party involved gets to have fun with a a cock type he doesn't have and it usually leads to some very hot and passionate foreplay. (During which someone loses it...)
Oddly enough I did some research and discovered circumcision become popular in Brittan around the time Tarzan was born, especially with the upper crust. (if you can believe online sources.) So the possibility is at there that he was indeed cut. But it's all in fun and fantasy, so why over think these things? XD

I contacted Neo123 regarding this. He came up with a few concepts and instead of scrapping them I decided to incorporate them in future commissions featuring these two. Trust me, it was hard to make the final choice.

As always Neo123 is always looking to expand his art styles and with this image he worked as hard as he could to create something that looks right out of the movie.

My Reaction, to be honest, I said a lot more privately as this masterpiece was drawn last week.

WOOT! This was so cool of you to draw. You were great with your enthusiasm towards this. Thanks for going with my Tarzan Discovers Foreskin idea! Crazy obsessed with that concept I am!!!!
My lord can this look anymore like official Disney animation right from a cell???? I was surprised at not only how well it turned out, but how FAST you did this. I blinked and it was done! Holly shite!!! :exclaim::heart::exclaim:
Neo had so many crazy ideas that there is for sure going to be more to this. We really must see what comes next! Ok I have to see what comes next!

I can't believe how in love with Tarzan I am these days. Must be the 10 year anniversary or, something. Getting all nostalgic this summer.:blush: All i Know is between his Hershey Kiss nipples, sweat blue eyes and low hanging balls, that is one sexy king of the jungle. Oh my those muscles, that expression as he realizes he is pulling down the wrong skin and abdominal frame, imma going faint.:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

Herc is wonderful as well. Ha, I love how you got his butt in the shot!!! He is one of my favorite Disney characters and it was a pure pleasure to watch you draw him. He's so beefy!! What a hunk. Great pose, just what I wanted!!! Gorgeous chest, arms cock and hair. Ah curly nipples rule!!!! He's perfect, there is nothing else to say, except I want to see more and more of him. :lol::heart:
It's funny but I love the colour on the bananas a lot too. They look so tasty! XD
Background is tits man. Just a dense jungle treetop that looks sop right out of the movie, I would swear you worked on Tarzan back a decade ago!

Here's a quick look at the process:

Well at the point when Neo was finishing up, I was talking to Demona about a sketch idea. I threw Tarzan at her for the test subject. She was iffy, but the results are her best fan art ever.
Take a look at the sketch she gave me that night:

I flipped out and demanded this take my commission slot for immediate completion.

My Recation:
OK Demona, I am going to go all out and just say it, this is your SEXIEST picture ever. The second I opened up the sketch I went crazy. I think my first words to you were FINISH HIM.:drool::drool::drool::drool:
My God, those EYES...I am lost in them, don't look me like that...XD FAINTS...
There is not a part of him the isn't Dripping Masculinity and DESIRE. :love:
If this doesn't become one of your most beloved images, I will eat that loin cloth!!! (With pleasure...) :lol:
That is one thick and hot uncut cock. Thanks for letting me help give a little advice on it and asking me so many questions during the whole process!!! :) That really made me a feel a part of the thing and makes the image even more special to me. :love::widesmile:
It's not just about cock, his pose, the tilt of his head and the way the hair is placed adds an effect that can't be described.
I love the cool cool water. Don't fret about the rock, I thought it was great! You must have more faith in your skills my friend. This picture stole my heart big time.
And the fact that you gave me a night time version was really cool of you.

Next we have my fellow Ontario resident the great master of all that is Disney Ms. Frenchie doing a request of Hercules and Kid Icarus in a Greek bath house.

Herc has himself the wrong icarus, but who cares? He's too distracted by having his foreskin inspected!

My reaction to the sensual scene:
Thanks Frenchie! I had to get you to do one very special Hercules Request. One of him Mistaking Nintendos Kid Icarus for his friend Icarus in the bath house. (OK so it's a stretch sue me!) I really love the way you posed the two of them. Herc is so relaxed and sexy. I love the way you tilted his head down and the expression on his face. Icarus is really exploring him! :drool::blush::heart:
Your Pit Icarus is Divine! His hair is so delightful. Check out the grin!!!! Gorgeous cocks too. Thank you for including the caption. This is one is too hot for the screen. Maybe it can dry out the water in my flooding apartment! XD LOL.
Always a pleasure Disney Master!

This came on the day my apartment was badly damaged by a flood. Frenchie really cheered me up.
More to come like that second Prehistoric explosion!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Prehistoric Explosion! From Irish Elk with Wings, to the Worlds first Super Killing Machine.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, a bad eye, flooding and lord knows what else, I have gotten REALLY far behind on this blog. So here we go, one GIANT post. I hope you are ready. Sadly I will not be able to give as much praise to each picture as I usually do, but if I don't post now, I will never catch up.

Let's start off with my newest acquaintance dragmire I was the first to commission her and I had JUST had to get her to take on Skelldon here he is:

The background reminds me of all those cool Dinosaur movies from the late 60's.

My reaction:
Hi, this is so freaking great. What a pose!!! DRAMTIC!!! I knew you would do an super sweet job on my Barbarian boy. You know your bara, like my penis knows the front of my palm. That is one wicked colouring job. Interesting how you choose to not make the shoulder spikes a solid black. It's a cool change, no doubt. It's like they have been lightened by extensive time in the desert sun. It's also fun to see someone add a some charms of their own to any preexisting character and you certainly did a lot of that. I love your take on him. He has so much personality just in his face alone!!! :) I love how his balls are squeezing in to his body as he shoots. NOW that's a hot interesting detail. XD
I really love how his clothes and sword came out. They are so cool. Love them blowing in the hot dry desert winds. All the shading on his body is great. And that nose so cool. The grinding spike teeth that appear to really get the orgasm across as powerful add much to the image as well, giving him a more savage appearance. (NICE TOUCH, Pats your shoulder!)
All in all this is magnificent and I hope it helps bring in many more commissions for you.
To anyone wanting to know, Dragmire was a total professional, showing me all the steps and asking me many questions. I highly recommend.

Dragmire is current working on a second commission as I type this!

Next up I proudly present a hand made masterpiece of Epic classic adventure book proportions. It's Chiida and Dimata like you have never seen them before. This one took since June to produce. I hope you all dig Balorkin's amazing pencil skills, for this was all done by hand no PC features added

Now this is a graphic novel cover leading you to adventure and passion!

My Reaction:

WOW WOW WOW! Take my breath away....This is astounding man. :heart::heart::heart:
I mean this has to be one of the best and oh so professional pieces of physical Art I have ever commissioned. You seem to have channeled the spirit of every Conan, or Tarzan Comic that they used to sell back in the day. This really captured my heart from the start.
I am in love with this image. So much detail. baLOrKIn was very professional to deal with. I was sent constant updates and given various features to pick and choose from on the characters. Making him very highly recommended for commissions.
Chiida is just so sexy and well sculpted here. He's a real powerhouse of masculinity and Nubian beauty. I knew you would do an excellent job oh his body and trilobite features, but talk about having to take a step back, he's a masterpiece by himself. :) I can't get over how gorgeous his face and nose are. Not to mention all the cool ornaments. :heart::widesmile:
Dimata is stunning. His tusks look so cool, his body so firm and his face so handsome. I love the foreskin over the head look. Very hot. Cute tail and ears too. :happyhappy::heart:
Cute little voodoo doll, that steam is making Dimata HOT! LOL.
Hope you can do another some time!:

Check out the Wicked cool sketch. I new I was in for a treat from the start. Yeah I killed the tail....

Recently I contacted the every talented Caravaggia to do a couple of my boys. The Brand new King Elk Wing. Leader of Trishes tribe he has wings made of antlers connected by a velvet membrane. He's a strong proud black character with various types of hair on his amble frame. Sadly that lead to a little confusion and poor Caravaggia assumed he was white at firs! LOL. I hope to share some of my sketches of him too. They were all inspired by Patrick Fillions book HOT CHOCOLATE. The character came to me on the way to a Baseball game. Anyway like you will see in my reaction, if you want a hot black man you go to Caravaggia. Her sexy cartoony style is unlike anyone else on Y!gallery.

My reaction:

I have to say that despite the many character design changes, you never got discouraged and kept trying and making the picture better and better. I am very thankful that you were very professional! You worked so darn hard and it really shows!
I had to ask you to draw my new character Elk Wing, King of the Irish Elk people! I mean, when you want a gorgeous black man, you're one of the first people I think of! And Dang he is gorgeous! :heart::happyhappy:
I love how how you did his glider wings, made of antlers. I really dig how you did the attachment of the velvet skin to the tips of the wings! So cool! Heck you even got the pubes right!!! WOO! XD You got all the colours perfect! Especially that deep purple penis head! (Drools!)
Chiida the trilobite is so stunning. I love his thin mid section. That's so sexy! His face and chest are to die for!!! You did an amazing job on his Armour and trilobite head. Love the face paint, the rings of gold and the cute feathers! Thanks so much for adding those from my sketches! XD He's soooo hawt! XD
Love the little triceratops skull on the staff, witch are both so cool by the way!
Excellent job on the background. I wonder if those are their morning erections? Have they met each other after just waking up and are experiencing a fit of uncontrollable anger and passion? The sun is really nice.
Thanks so much!

The images sketches went through many changes, from the wings being turned from Bone to antler, to the eye on the Trilobite being filled with an eye and not a hollow hole.

The picture was fleshed out very quickly.

This is a work in progress .gif. You may have to save it to see it work. It shows the entire process. Awesome huh? :)

A little while ago I really wanted to test myself out and do something no one had done before. Well take on a creature no one had done before anyway. After watching Walking with Dinosaurs I had the urge to take on the great sea beast Anomalocaris. When I showed my doodles I was met with interest coupled with flat out rejection... But I don't despair. I sent the sketches, some images of the real animal and as much detail as could to Master Naphtali. Again at a later date I will reveal my sketches as well.

I was amazed at how well he followed my design on the worlds first monstrous killing machine.

Another day on the Beach.

My reaction:

Thanks so much Naphtali for taking on such a strange request as Anomalocaris. This little know animal came to light in the 1970's and is often cited as the worlds first super predator. (About 1-2 meters long.) I hope people dig him as much as I do!:widesmile::heart:

You did a fantastic job creating a professional version based on my doodles. I was floored by him the moment I opened the very dramatic sketch you sent. :) I really love the designs you placed all over his body and face. It gives him a kind of tribal look, almost Aztec, or Mexican that is just so fitting. :wink: Thanks for including the flipper ears and Trilobite earring! (These things lived off of Trilobites, or so they say.)
He's so handsome, from the cute eyes, that huge chin to his messy hair. Nice extra eyes and gaping secondary mouth. He's a wonder to behold and I could not be happier with him!
Not to forget your out of this world Dimata. That is one of the most expressive and amazingly sexy poses he has ever been put in. I love those tusks and face!! OMG so cute! I hope I can get you to do more of him one day. I yam in love! Did I mention how cool the tusks are? XD:lol:
And you topped it off with such an unexpectedly wonderful background. It's like early morning on the surf.
Nice touch putting Dimatas foot deep into the water. I adore the clouds and waves. So peaceful, yet at the same time, the colours give the hint of beach lost in time.
Watch out boys you might get crabs! XD
Thank you good sir! Always a pleasure!

I have many plans for Carie in the near future.

Ok one more new character then I will wrap this up for today.
This one came about by pure chance. I asked Bogomil to draw Dimata for me. well the rest is explained in my reaction. He turned out to be a very enthusiastic and professional artist.

I proudly Preset the Leader of the Mastodon Tribe Elmic.

My reaction:
This commission was a very nice change of pace. I asked Bogomil if he wouldn't mind doing a picture of Dimata in his amazing style. Very soon after wards I had the head and shoulders of this wonderful fellow in my in box. I soon found out that not only was Bogomil interested in drawing Dimata he wanted to create an original character for me as well. I liked what I saw and decided this should be the Master Mastodon leader of Dimatas tribe. I think I will call him Elmic.
It was cool too see the various sketches and the progress you were making with him. I enjoyed letting you go wild. :heart:
Thanks man! You did such a great job on him! I love how beefy he looks. All his body paint looks so cool as he prepares for the hunt! Great pose, and facial expression as well. I dig that ornament. :) Those tufts of hair on his arms look so warm and snuggable!
Thanks for providing me with a version sans the body paint! He looks like he just came out of the hot! XD
What an honor, I got you to do your first tasteful nude! XD I seem to have that effect on people....
Funny, the night my apartment floods, I get an image of a hunk standing in the cool waters of pond!

An amazing head shot not unlike something you would find in a museum display or prehistory book on early man. Stunning first draft.

A part 2 of this blog will be added soon.

LET'S FIGHT!!! A Nintendo Come back

First off I want to say my dear friend Nookiedog is currently looking for commissions. He has been going through a hard time of late and wants to take on as many as he can to help him get by. I think that just by looking on this site, you will see how highly that I recommended him.
Here for the first time, is a commissions that I have dying to see completed for a bit now, PUNCH OUT!!!!! Yep, this little puppy was in the works even before the game came out. What kid growing up in the 80's didn't play the first game? It was super hard, but it had some of Nintendo's most enduring characters. Little Mac has had about as good a post NES career as poor Icarus. It was great to see him return and who better to ask to draw him and Disco then Nookie Dog! Enjoy!

Round one is over, looks like they lost their shorts due to battle damage!

Mac is spectacular, with that hair and those thick pubes! What a face!!!!!! Swoons. Mac is a vision no doubt. Gorgeous colouring as expected from Master Nookie. I love the shading on his body. Disco came out surprisingly even better then I knew he would. He's divine! What a Nubian sex god!!!! I dig his smirky face! :P Those baby blue gloves go so well with his skin and shading. They stand out perfectly. Actually I really love all the details on the gloves a lot.
The sweat and glistening skin is amazing. The whole thing reminds me of wonderful comic book cover art. I hate to ask, is he cut, or uncut? XD I was sure I wanted cut, but honestly it doesn't matter cause I love what I see.

It's so awesome that Nookie included all my website logos!!! XD I love it!!!! Ha ha, the new brief at the bottom had me smiling! Another classic, hot pic.


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