Wednesday, August 5, 2009

King of the Jungle and the Hero of Olympus

Well it's been 10 years since Disney Released their family friendly Tarzan movie. I come from the old school. I grew up on Tarzan novels, comics and that early 80's flick with the scene where all the apes are shown being dissected to insure my 7 year old self would run upstairs crying and vomiting. Actually I loved the Greystoke movie.
Anyway Disney's attempt was heartwarming, charming and gorgeously animated. So I allowed myself to indulge in it. And indulge I did. I had been working at Wal-Mart during my early 20's and I picked up all sorts of displays and merchandise.
So it should come to no surprise to those that know me that I wanted to see some artists to fan art of him.
I am also a HUGE fan of Hercules, more so then even Tarzan. Hercules may very well be my favorite Disney movie of the 90's.
So I got the idea of Tarzan sitting in a tree in the jungle. Hercules would be pretended to sleep with a bunch of bananas hiding his uncut cock. Tarzan reaches in while Herc sneaks a peek. The theme is simple, a cut guy discovers foreskin in the most innocent and delightful way I could think of. Maybe naughty is a better word...
Anyway I have a huge fascination with cut and uncut couples. On either end the other party involved gets to have fun with a a cock type he doesn't have and it usually leads to some very hot and passionate foreplay. (During which someone loses it...)
Oddly enough I did some research and discovered circumcision become popular in Brittan around the time Tarzan was born, especially with the upper crust. (if you can believe online sources.) So the possibility is at there that he was indeed cut. But it's all in fun and fantasy, so why over think these things? XD

I contacted Neo123 regarding this. He came up with a few concepts and instead of scrapping them I decided to incorporate them in future commissions featuring these two. Trust me, it was hard to make the final choice.

As always Neo123 is always looking to expand his art styles and with this image he worked as hard as he could to create something that looks right out of the movie.

My Reaction, to be honest, I said a lot more privately as this masterpiece was drawn last week.

WOOT! This was so cool of you to draw. You were great with your enthusiasm towards this. Thanks for going with my Tarzan Discovers Foreskin idea! Crazy obsessed with that concept I am!!!!
My lord can this look anymore like official Disney animation right from a cell???? I was surprised at not only how well it turned out, but how FAST you did this. I blinked and it was done! Holly shite!!! :exclaim::heart::exclaim:
Neo had so many crazy ideas that there is for sure going to be more to this. We really must see what comes next! Ok I have to see what comes next!

I can't believe how in love with Tarzan I am these days. Must be the 10 year anniversary or, something. Getting all nostalgic this summer.:blush: All i Know is between his Hershey Kiss nipples, sweat blue eyes and low hanging balls, that is one sexy king of the jungle. Oh my those muscles, that expression as he realizes he is pulling down the wrong skin and abdominal frame, imma going faint.:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

Herc is wonderful as well. Ha, I love how you got his butt in the shot!!! He is one of my favorite Disney characters and it was a pure pleasure to watch you draw him. He's so beefy!! What a hunk. Great pose, just what I wanted!!! Gorgeous chest, arms cock and hair. Ah curly nipples rule!!!! He's perfect, there is nothing else to say, except I want to see more and more of him. :lol::heart:
It's funny but I love the colour on the bananas a lot too. They look so tasty! XD
Background is tits man. Just a dense jungle treetop that looks sop right out of the movie, I would swear you worked on Tarzan back a decade ago!

Here's a quick look at the process:

Well at the point when Neo was finishing up, I was talking to Demona about a sketch idea. I threw Tarzan at her for the test subject. She was iffy, but the results are her best fan art ever.
Take a look at the sketch she gave me that night:

I flipped out and demanded this take my commission slot for immediate completion.

My Recation:
OK Demona, I am going to go all out and just say it, this is your SEXIEST picture ever. The second I opened up the sketch I went crazy. I think my first words to you were FINISH HIM.:drool::drool::drool::drool:
My God, those EYES...I am lost in them, don't look me like that...XD FAINTS...
There is not a part of him the isn't Dripping Masculinity and DESIRE. :love:
If this doesn't become one of your most beloved images, I will eat that loin cloth!!! (With pleasure...) :lol:
That is one thick and hot uncut cock. Thanks for letting me help give a little advice on it and asking me so many questions during the whole process!!! :) That really made me a feel a part of the thing and makes the image even more special to me. :love::widesmile:
It's not just about cock, his pose, the tilt of his head and the way the hair is placed adds an effect that can't be described.
I love the cool cool water. Don't fret about the rock, I thought it was great! You must have more faith in your skills my friend. This picture stole my heart big time.
And the fact that you gave me a night time version was really cool of you.

Next we have my fellow Ontario resident the great master of all that is Disney Ms. Frenchie doing a request of Hercules and Kid Icarus in a Greek bath house.

Herc has himself the wrong icarus, but who cares? He's too distracted by having his foreskin inspected!

My reaction to the sensual scene:
Thanks Frenchie! I had to get you to do one very special Hercules Request. One of him Mistaking Nintendos Kid Icarus for his friend Icarus in the bath house. (OK so it's a stretch sue me!) I really love the way you posed the two of them. Herc is so relaxed and sexy. I love the way you tilted his head down and the expression on his face. Icarus is really exploring him! :drool::blush::heart:
Your Pit Icarus is Divine! His hair is so delightful. Check out the grin!!!! Gorgeous cocks too. Thank you for including the caption. This is one is too hot for the screen. Maybe it can dry out the water in my flooding apartment! XD LOL.
Always a pleasure Disney Master!

This came on the day my apartment was badly damaged by a flood. Frenchie really cheered me up.
More to come like that second Prehistoric explosion!


  1. his work is way too lovely .. i love the way he creates everything .. and such a nice pairing ... yumm!

  2. Yeah! I hope do get Neo to do a follow up picture.

  3. woh ! c trop beau

  4. Je suis content que vous avez aimé le Roi de Jungle !



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