Monday, August 17, 2009

Spacey Summer

Hi everyone! Well it's no secret that I owe my buddy Ink-b many thanks for all this wonderful contributions. He was the first to give life to many of my characters and continues to do so. So as part of my thanks to him I asked some very special artists to create images of his favorite Gay Comics character, Space Cadet. Ink sees him as a first and very inspiration character. He holds Space Cadet in very high regard.
First off is a very hot image by Ink's best Friend the ever wonderful Jacy-J!

Oh yes, there is indeed an alternate version to this wonder...I love his face here. It's so handsome. Very inviting. Great work on his shiny body. That bulge is housing some major Space Junk!!!!
Ah, I have been given special permission to present Jacy-J's first public Nude pic! Here is is Space Cadet unleashed:

Next I asked my new friend Caravaggia to produce a picture of Naked Justice jerking off in space. At least, that is what my original intention was. As I wrote the e-mail, my mind shifted gears, the wheels spun out of control and well now we have the MASTERPIECE you see below:

This was my reaction, which repeats a little of my lead up:

I was wanting to have a Space Cadet image done for my dear buddy Ink-b. I knew I had to ask one of the Y's most beloved artists of the black form; Caravaggia to take on the sexy space man! What started as an e-mail just to see him flying in the sky, suddenly became a cross over extravaganza! As I wrote my mind started to race and race and race until none other then the Little Prince got added to mix. (Though now, not so little.)
I was a big, big fan of the whole franchise when I small. (Maybe it was all that Mario Galaxy I played too...)
Thanks so much for taking on such a crazy idea! LOL.

Your cute style really makes this image so perfect and fitting, like a story book. :) I love the cum, it's like it's waving good bye. LOL. Excellent use of coloring and shading. Space Cadet looks so great. :surprised: It's so perfect how the dazzling light of the comet is reflecting off his dark skin. DANG!!!!!! :heart::drool:EXCELLENT Lighting effects!

I love the glow of the planet and the little prince is awesome! He's really handsome yet, so soft and cuddly! :inlove:
Thank you for showing me every step and adding so many additions to it. You worked so hard and did this so fast. Your love and devotion really makes it stand tall. I am very proud to have commissioned this. :) :widesmile:

It's one bed time story I want to have read to me some day! LOL.

Yep Ink loved them both so much! And Mr. Fillion loved them so much too. And when everyone is so happy, what more can I ask for? Nothing makes me feel so good as giving to the ones I care for and respect so much.

But there is more!!! Ink-B was very inspired and here for the first time is his wonderful Summer Time Space Cadet! Check out that gun!

One of the sexiest versions of Space! Gotta love the rings around his ankle, very Jetsons!! I wonder what those bubbles are made out of?

Ah man, I need a cool cool bath after looking at these hot boys again.

Please check out Caravaggia's official site:


  1. Hiya Matthew...

    Whoa -- it is sooooo cool to see all of these gorgeous Space Cadet images posted here together. You totally beat me to doing this post! LOL! But I LOVE it, plus it is very fitting that you should post them here since you did inspire most of them.

    I am personally so moved that Space Cadet is such a popular character and that wonderful artists like Ink-B find him inspirational. It really, truly makes me feel great about the character. Thank you so much for this!

    Hugz + kisses to you, and all your fantastic artist friends who created these stunning illustrations!
    Patrick XOXOXO

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments Mr. Fillion! The artist themselves are all very pleased as well! Space Cadet is such a stud. You've given these artist so much to work with!!! :P
    For sure you must do an all Space Cadet post in the future with these images and all the great stuff the talent people at Y!Gallery will be creating in the coming weeks and months! I Have a few ideas in store still for Space Cadet! :)



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