Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Naked Justice in the Sky

Today I have some very special stuff for everyone. First off is a set of older images that have not made it online yet. Mr. Fillion has been a great source of inspiration to myself and Neo. I mean, a few months ago he featured Neos very first commission as the cover of Boytoons. When it comes to kindness and love of the community he stands head and shoulders above the rest. I discovered who I believe is his favorite X-Men. And the picture just feel right into place after that. I present with the greatest pride Neo123 hottest work to date, Naked Justice Vs. Male Storm!!!!!

Marvel VS. Class

The concept is simple enough Naked Justice is getting zapped by lightning which is making him cum. For once it's going in to his penis, creating an organism instead of the other way around!
This took some very fun planning.
We bounced ideas for hair and body type off each other, though in truth we seemed to be finishing each others sentences more then anything! XD Neo picked the sexiest outfit he could find and wanted to do a version with a bulge just like Mr. Fillions wonderful characters have!

I decided to present Storm cut and uncut cause of geographical reasons regarding storms birthplace and because both types are so hot! Neo came up with the wonderful twister holding NJ in place! What an imagination he has! As always he put every ounce of effort into this picture. From the shading on NJ's hair, to the gorgeous lightning in Storms eyes, the man has left me speechless. I am lucky to have him a friend.

Circumcised Storm.

But let's not end here!!!! No!

Ok here is a nice tribute of Naked Justice and the gang I like to call Hercules Class done by my buddy from Italy, the master of Gladiators Sirio!!! You guys don't even want to know how long this one was on the back burner for. I went through a ton of ideas. It started back when I was doing a lot of Rikuo and Icarus and one idea had Rikuo on a seahorse riding a wave racing NJ with Icarus pointing the way. Another had Rikuo cumming on Icarus and Space Cadet cumming on NJ and I called it Second Lap Pit Stop. I had a hard time choosing who to include and who not too. In the end I decided to go with an all Class Cast. I had to use Felicia and Sethan. I was glad the mods approved her inclusion in the picture for the Y!Gallery. Sirio kept asking me what ideas I had each time we talked. I would show them to her and she would always be so into the idea. I think this idea goes further back then her Dinoboy picture she did for me.
This had to be a particular nightmare for Sirio because not only was she called upon to draw half the cast of Class Comics, she had to put them into Hercules outfits and have them in chariots. She made it though and didn't kill me in the process! XD

I was so overjoyed that Mr. Fillion liked this, I wasn't sure how it would be taken being a crossover.

My Reaction:

Oh man, this image went through a million changes in my mind long before Sirio took it on and even when we started talking about it I kept adding and changing characters. XD
Herclues Class....I love Disney stuff and Hercules is one of my all time favorites. I hope everyone enjoys this!
Thank you Sirio! You work so hard and got all the characters looking so great! You really captured them all. I think Felicia is so spot on! She's so cool as Meg! Cam is so cute and innocent. Naked Justice is so mischievous! I adore his face. Seth was the perfect choice for hades for sure. Vallan is just dying to let his student teach him a lesson! XD There is so much to write about I could spend days...
It's a crazy wild image!!:lol:
Thanks so much!!!! Big Hug!
You rock!

More wonderful stuff on the way.


  1. Hiya Dinosaurprince...

    I am SOOOO pleased to see these two FANTASTIC illustrations posted on your Blog. I have always LOVED them!

    Naked Justice VS Storm is nothign short of Brilliant, and incredibly sexy. Neo's work blows my mind EVERY SINGLE TIME, and he realy did a fantastic job on capturing (litterally) NJ. What a beautiful cock! And of course Storm as a man -- SUPERB! What a stud!!! Beautiful costume, terrific power effects and that dick... Mmmmmmmm -- thank you so much for posting both versions!!!!

    Meanwhile Sirio's work on the chariot race -- magnificent!!! What a cool concept, and it was so wonderful that you requested Felicia be included! That was an extra special treat!!!! :oD

    The horse and chariots themselves are awesome too, and of course, the guys are terrific! LOVE the outfits. it's a superb piece!!!

    Again, my sincerest thanks for posting them... and of course for commissioning these terrific artists to create them! You ROCK my friend!!!

    Loads of luv to ya!
    Patrick XOXOXOX

  2. Awe! XD You're too kind Mr. Fillion!!! I really love your girls too, so I was even if the mods said no, she was still going to get in there.

    Neo and Sirio are two wonderful people. They put every once of energy into what they do. Neo put so much of his own love of X-men into that picture and it really shows. Sirio researched not only your boys, but the entire Hercules cast doing the best job possible to produce such a gorgeous piece. It took a lot of time, hard work and love on Sirios part. :) I love 'em. Both are very modest people with hearts of gold!



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