Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LET'S FIGHT!!! A Nintendo Come back

First off I want to say my dear friend Nookiedog is currently looking for commissions. He has been going through a hard time of late and wants to take on as many as he can to help him get by. I think that just by looking on this site, you will see how highly that I recommended him.
Here for the first time, is a commissions that I have dying to see completed for a bit now, PUNCH OUT!!!!! Yep, this little puppy was in the works even before the game came out. What kid growing up in the 80's didn't play the first game? It was super hard, but it had some of Nintendo's most enduring characters. Little Mac has had about as good a post NES career as poor Icarus. It was great to see him return and who better to ask to draw him and Disco then Nookie Dog! Enjoy!

Round one is over, looks like they lost their shorts due to battle damage!

Mac is spectacular, with that hair and those thick pubes! What a face!!!!!! Swoons. Mac is a vision no doubt. Gorgeous colouring as expected from Master Nookie. I love the shading on his body. Disco came out surprisingly even better then I knew he would. He's divine! What a Nubian sex god!!!! I dig his smirky face! :P Those baby blue gloves go so well with his skin and shading. They stand out perfectly. Actually I really love all the details on the gloves a lot.
The sweat and glistening skin is amazing. The whole thing reminds me of wonderful comic book cover art. I hate to ask, is he cut, or uncut? XD I was sure I wanted cut, but honestly it doesn't matter cause I love what I see.

It's so awesome that Nookie included all my website logos!!! XD I love it!!!! Ha ha, the new brief at the bottom had me smiling! Another classic, hot pic.

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