Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recent works, Barbarians are in style.

Growing up the 80's and 90's there was no Y!gallery and very little in way of gay comic porn that any kid could get his hands on. So when it came to much needed jerk off material, one imagination would run wild turning the pages of a Conan comic book. Same goes for all the early Castlevania art. Those Belmonts were dead sexy! So to me, it's kind of a shock that there is a lack of art of Conan and even Simon Belmont. What I am presenting today is a scene that graced my mind since I was a kid down beautifully by the talent artist Buddhathegod. Buddha came highly recommended by a friend. I was happy to have met him, he's sweet young man and full of passion.

Simon pulls out and enjoys a mutual jerk off with Conan.

My Recation:

(About Buddhathegod) I Have to say he's a very considerate artist and a funny, sweet guy all around. Going over various costumes and images with me and asking all sorts of pose questions. A very hard working artist. :widesmile:
This pic is tits!!! I love it. Oh man so many of my early fantasies involved Conan and Simon Belmont. You did an amazing job on these two. Love the cum shot, the big fat uncut cock on Conan and the huge head on Simons cut cock.
Conans expression is priceless and I dig Simons big chin!
Very nice BG too, gotta love a ruined piece of Castlevania with the light of the sunrise illuminating the two lovers. It gives a a soft tone to two brutal lovers. :blush:
So much so that it has inspired me to ask for more Conan and Simon in the future.

The aftermath.

This image has become one of the most popular commissions on Y Gallery someone has drawn for me. More to come for sure!

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