Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970s' John Carter Vs Rikuo

Hey guys. Tonight I have a really great picture drawn by Seraphicreverie and coloured very nicely by Caravaggia. This is actually a really old idea I had for the Marvel Vs Capcom 1970s set I was doing in 2010. I had an idea of Rikuo doing his Sonic Wave on John Carter. John would be standing fast, trying to block it. As steadfast as he is, his cock has a mind of it's own and falls victim to the waves enchantment! I fished it around a lot and had no biters, so I forgot about it till I saw Seraphiceverie had her commissions open again. Instantly remembering the fantastic job she did on Rikuo, I just had to see her take him on again! (John was just icing on the cake.)

Seraphicreverie did a fantastic job on John and Rikuo. I had a hard time picking the faces I liked more, the ones on the play field, or the character profiles at the the top. She stayed very true to Johns Marvel comic designs. She always does such nice work on her cocks and balls. They are always some of the best around. :) I also like the very flat shoreline in the background. That seems very fitting for an old fighting game shot! Takes me back to those multi layered backgrounds of the old 16 bit days. Kinda has a Super Adventure Island vibe to it.
When I sent it to Caravaggia she told me that due to the pictures classic design she wanted to use coloring that would make it look like an old school video game. Nice, big, bright colours were added, giving it a look that would fit perfectly in a Nintendo Manual, like Mario World. I only just noticed that she added in shadows herself. That's a wild effect! ^_^

Thanks so much you two for helping me bring an idea to life, that almost fell to the wayside.

Donkey Kong Phallic Bank

I was originally going to post about this, just cause I thought this item was cool. It's a molded plastic Donkey Kong Bank from the early 80s. It went for an insane price on E-Bay. It probably didn't cost more then a couple dollars when it came out, but the person was asking along with Q*Bert for $80. I thought that if you could find one of these cheap at a flea market, or garage sale it would make such a nice Tiki like accessory for a Hawaiian luau party. Get a couple and carve a hole in the bottoms and string em up with lights inside. Pretty retro.
Then FallenAngel wrote back laughing at the things shape. He thought up some very naughty applications for it. I really don't think it would make a sturdy dildo, but he is correct, the shape is just right! XD Maybe it could reinforced by filling it somehow. Though, I hope you have a very big and willing hole to fill it with! :P

Money goes in...

...but you gotta cut it open to get it out. Don't ya hate that? :(

Here he is with Q*Bert another character with phallic issues....

Spot Preview Comic Released!

This is a quick post to say that after waiting for some time, a lead-in of Spots Comic has been released. This months Strip Show features art drawn by Patrick Fillion. It concludes with a caption stating that his story will unfold at a later date. This is sure to have fans salivating. As lover of Spot I was very excited when I saw this! The comic itself is fairly short, but features two wonderful pin up style images of Spot locked up. Poor dog! Grrrr...I hate to see a dog in chains! I hope someone comes to his rescue sometime soon! XD While there is no official word as to when the story will be continued, I for one am hoping it will be a project Class Comics tackles this year.
To see the comic page, all you have to to do is subscribe to the news letter on the Class Comics site!

Popeye Arcade Gay Advertisement

I was going to touch on this yesterday, but that Popeye post was already running long enough! People to this day pine for Nintendo to any sort of port of their classic, all but forgotten Popeye arcade game. This game was the shit back in the day. There's a ton of history to it, including the fact that you can thank Popeye for the creation of Mario! (Look it up!) Anyway, I found out last year that they did a cell phone version, released by Namco, and a company called Project Next a mobile gaming company from Europe. I thought the video the marketing team released on Youtube was pretty um..interesting. The music doesn't say Popeye, or arcade to me, but rave at a gay club. Even the announcer sounds so out of place. XD Sigh...No wonder I never heard of it till 2 years after it's release.

Maybe they should have stuck to something closer to the original Parker Brothers adds from the 80s....I guess they had a very limited budget and had to use someones boyfriends demo tape. >__<

Monday, January 30, 2012

RPG Dimata Swings Out Of Danger

Tonight the second image by K3RRY. This time he took on RPG Dimata. He actually did this on Saturday afternoon, right after sending the Kid Icarus image. The man loves interruption free weekends and so do i! :D K3rry knows I like my Tarzan, so he went in an exciting new direction with the image I had proposed. RPG Dimata looks very mature in this image. He has nice defined features and such a luchious head of hear. I wonder if the pterosaur is drooling due to hunger of lust for those hard buns and unbelievably big sausage? XD I know K3RRY is a huge Nintendo fan and when I the sky with the sun blazing I got this whole 'Links Awakening' vibe. Very fitting for our little RPG adventurer. Thanks so much K3RRY! :D

Today is Draw a Dinosaur Day. Lots of people got into the spirit on Facebook, including myself. :P


Sexy Till the Finich By Aneros

The story of how this awesome piece came to be is pretty interesting. So last week Thursday, just before I got really sick, I spent an evening chatting with Aneros. At one point the conversation fell to Popeye. I remarked about how popular he was back in the early 80s. How the character and game was a strong influence on me growing up. Then how one day Popeye just sorta vanished from Canadian TV. I showed him some of the intros from the old cartoons I watched on Saturday morning, mostly thru reruns on Global TV, when I was very young.

Popeye's Treasure Hunt Intro. Awesome stuff.

1979 All New Popeye Hour Intro.

1980 All New Popeye Hour Intro. Love how Hanna Barbara would include both shows in one intro. Gave the whole thing a feeling of togetherness. Nowadays shows like Scooby Doo don't even include characters from their past, never mind other HB creations. It's sad. No one has ever uploaded the final seasons intro which featured Prehistoric Popeye and Olive in the Army. It was called the Popeye and Olive Oil Comedy Show.

He really got me thinking. Something popped into my mind and I did a random item search on E-bay. What I uncovered was something of a treasure. A piece of Popeye memorabilia I had not seen since Halloween 1985, when I got what was surly the last of it's kind in my trick, or treat bag. The Hilroy Popeye Drawing Pad!

With numerous covers and instructions on how to draw my favorite characters, I would sit for hours and draw on my Popeye pads. My mom would gladly buy me these from variety stores. Anything to prevent me from drawing more Pac-Man on her Bing Crosby Christmas Albums. :P When I was done, I would cut out the characters from the how to page and make little cardboard figures with them. I have no doubt these pads, given to me at a young age, fueled my love of art and drawing. So when I did find the pad, overwhelmed with nostalgia, I purchased it right away. Once it comes in the mail, I will post better pictures of it. I searched for years for these things. I have a funny feeling they were only sold in Canada, making them very scarce. I have Aneros to thank for two things today. ^O^

Then Aneros asked me what kind of foreskins I like the most. I was in retro land at that point and didn't put two and two together. I got up for a bit and when I came back there was a very childhood rocking e-mail waiting for me! Yup, it was the image way above! XD He completed the image some time yesterday. It's really cool. Just check out that fantastic coloring and shading. When do you see Popeye get that much attention even in production art? I thought the exaggerated low hanging balls were pretty sexy and very fitting for Peopeye. It's great how he made Popeye in his style, giving him a hot sexy body, but still keeping in tune with cartoon characters key characteristics. I never thought I would be turned on by the spinach scarfing sailor man! :P Thanks so much Aneros. Getting this certainly gave me a jolt that confirmed, the only weakness I had left was an inability to keep my hands out of my pants! XD

They Made WHAT? Capcom Commando Board Game!

It's always interesting to see games that were fairly popular here getting tons of attention in their home country of Japan. I was pretty blown away last night when I found pictures of a board game based on Capcom's classic Commando. (Senjō no Ōkami.) Is it me, or does the art look like it might have been done by legendary Dragon Ball artist Akira Toriyama?'

The game was made by Bandai. This version was released by Jolly Game and the writing does not look Japanese, or even Chinese to me. (Maybe Thai?)

Love these detailed instructions. Tell your enemies to 'Go to hell!' Ah, good old family fun! XD

The official Japanese release. If anyone ever sees this on E-Bay let me know!!!

Enslave That Monkey

Hey guys. I had a HORRIBLE weekend health wise, but a glorious weekend art wise. I pretty much did my best to stay off the PC, only posting quickly here and there on Facebook. So in order to catch up, I am going to do a few quick posts. (Else I wind up like I did in 2009 and I still have stuff from that year I haven't posted!)
Okay so first off some Monkey Business courtesy of Nookiedog. I got Enslaved Odyssey to the West for Christmas in 2010. I really enjoyed the game. Yeah it's got it's flaws. Like I had to redo some sort of factory stage when it glitched and the puzzle I was doing screwed up. All in all I did enjoy the title. Monkey is certainly very sexy. Right after getting the game I think I was in talks with Nookiedog about doing a piece featuring the character. He sent me some cool line right away too. He really liked the idea. (The game gave him some troubles though!) Through 2011 I did not seen much cool erotic art of him, besides one nice one from Branchlaw, where he's getting jerked off. So when I got the completed image a couple days ago I felt really excited to be able to share with the world some tantalizing art of this neglected hero.

Super tight chest, thick full cock, a little pepper on the pubes and some dust and grime for that gruff, tough, hunka man look and I am sold!!! :D What a heart stealing comeback Nookie!

A sweet gift from an even sweeter guy. This exclusive image is part of a set. This one features his foreskin all the way over his head. To see the others you will have to go to Nookiedogs blog! :D It's been way too long since the world has last seen Nookiedog do any kind of erotic male art. So long in fact that I was getting e-mails wondering where he was and if he was okay from friends and fans! He is of course just fine, but very busy with life! I as well hope he makes time for art, cause when I see an image like this, with so much detail and hard work put into it, I can't help but HUNGER for more! :D hee hee.


Here is some official art. (I like Nookies much better! XD)

Should I continue to commission more from Enlsaved?
I want lots more Monkey Business!!! Forget you Mario! XD
If you want more MONKEY take a look at the Nookieblog:


This is totally random. I found it last night and just had to post it. Can you imagine an Atari Golden Girls game? This game would have rocked. I couldn't stop laughing when I found it. :P

More Male Tentacle Rape In Mainstream Media

Who were they aiming this at exactly? I know they were trying to sell a barbarian style adventure, but I mean wow!!!
That is one risky cover for 1970. O_O
Gavin Black isn't doing a good job protecting his 'Dark Gate' is he?
I may have to check out this book by John Jakes.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Icarus Sky Writes By K3RRY

I'm still clinging to a very faint hope that a muscular version of Pit will appear in the next Kid Icarus game. I am of course only fooling myself. Setting myself for an eventual let down once I play the game. Of course that doesn't mean we can't have fun with already existing bara Icarus from the end of the first game. It's been almost a year since I commissioned anything based on Nintendo's Angel. Fittingly both images on this blog have been done for Valentines day. This one is of course a little early, but that's okay by me! This years dark, sexy image was done by K3RRY. His vision of Kid Icarus is set blazing across a pitch black sky. Beautiful wings illuminating the presence of the angel. An Angel that is a pillar of vitality and strength. This form seems to bring voice to an empty dark void. Very fitting to the mood of the original game that was cast against such darkness.

This picture was done very quickly by K3rry this week. He even did a couple versions. One that was smooth, and with the facial and chest hair. I personally loved the more gruff version and posted it in lieu of the other. We will be getting enough smooth Pit in the future I am sure...but if you guys want to see it, just ask in the comment section below. :) I love the way K3RRY took on Icarus's face. He's got this strong body, but his face has such youthful, playful charm to it. His eyes have an almost animal like magnetism to them.

K3rry still has his commission open and is looking for some help! You can find out more here:


Or comment on his blog:


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Joey Jerk Off by Pockyrum and Aneros

Happy Australia day 2012 everyone! A little while ago I got really lucky and one a contest for a free picture by the artist trio of Pockyrum. The three artists are Zucchini, Rum Pocky. I picked Joey. I have not done much with Joey all last year, so it was about time he got some attention. Very quickly after winning I got a little message from the Artist Rum, who had drawn the picture. Not only did a superb image of Joey, he put himself in the picture and did up a little story to go with it! How awesome! Here is the story!

Rum:"...one, two, three, four, f-five, six, seven!, E-eight times!?...O.O...:heart:"
Joey:" Plus, now you know that not only me that can jump higher...'mine' can do it too as well...:evil:"
Rum:"...I-i see...:heart:"

lol, dunno if that makes sense or not...:XD:
and I am there, sitting behind, just carrying Joey's boxing gloves okay...>.>...I am innocent...
blame my pencil...trust me, I am innocent...
and maaan, now i wish I have tail...>.>

that's Joey
[icon=Dinosaurprince]'s OC, a Kangaroo man! :happyhappy:
hope you like the result!
extra me as well as a bonus
and congrats for winning the raffle!:wink:

For the first time in eons, I get to use my reaction from another site:

Thanks so much for this. :inlove::heart: Your Joey is a sexy beast. Really well done body, arms and amazing feet. That is one sweet uncut dick with tons of bubbling cum. YUM! I love him! That's so hot how his cum is dripping off his hat. I see his shots rival his jumps. :P :inlove:
I can see why you want a tail! Nice ball massage going on there eh? XD
Hee hee nice write up too!

Oh you are acting innocent in the background, but I wonder if your what is going on in your pants would be betray that statement? XD LOL! Just kidding! :P:heart::sweatdrop::heart:

After I got the image I immediately thought to ask Aneros to color it. He's done a fantastic job coloring another image by Pockyrum in the past. I felt he would be comfortable and enjoy doing another of their images. He certainly made the image really come to life with his coloring. It must have been a challenge as the original is a very detailed sketch with lots of pencil work. I thought Joey's feet look great before, but Aneros really defined them. Every part of Joey is now even more vibrant and eye popping. Dig the highlights on his big sexy legs and arms. Mmmm...MMMMMM! I didn't notice just how big and sweet Joeys neckerchief was till I saw it in glorious color. I want to see what's going on with Rum even more now! Hee hee. Thanks so very much guys! This picture is fabulous! :D

The original art!

You can check out the Pockyrum team here:

Since it's Australia Day, I thought I would share this. Did you know they had a pineapple burger at McDonald's Down Under in the 80s? The Gold'N'Grill looks yummy. Even better then when I put pineapple in lasagna!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's about Pucking Time! The Pac-Man Cartoon Finally Gets a DVD Release

Geez Namco and Warners, ever hear of the expression 'While I'm Young?" Never has a DVD release fitted that expression more. (And failed to do so, as most fans are now in their mid 30s if not older.) It was one of my favorite TV shows when I was a little tot. It was a sad day when it vanished from the airways. Only the Christmas Special appeared on TV from time to time. In Canada it has never been rerun. It was through E-bay that I was able to watch it again in my early 20s. That's a long time to wait, let me tell you. All my bitterness of dealing with torrents and bootlegs for a decade aside, it will be very nice to get an official release DVD of the Pac-Man cartoon.
I always thought it stands up pretty good, compared to a lot of other shows. Their is a lot of stories by Jeffry Scott and the voice acting is pretty top notch. The ghosts in particular are really great characters. The second season even includes Lorenzo Music, voice of Garfield, as Super Pac. I hope this isn't another hoax like last 2010s announcement. It all looks official, as the DVD is now available for pre-order on AMAZON. There is no release date yet, so that worries me a bit. I have seen it set for January 31st, but Amazon has no date listed. If you live in the States you can save yourself some money and get it directly from Warners.

Man, Pac-man was such a huge influence on me as a child. I lived and breathed that game! How bad was it? Well, take a look above...see the wall paper? That was on my wall till I was 18! Oh that was a sad day when we took it down. u__u

The release of Pac-Man on DVD is gonna be better then a kiss from Ms. Pac!

It's a pretty good month for Pac-Man fans. The wonderful Game Boy version of Lock'N Chase was released for Nintendo 3DS. (And Dsi?) The game holds a ton of memories for me from early high school. Many a winters night was spent cuddling and playing that game. :) Lock'N Chase is a Pac-Man clone where you play a thief named Lupin. Lupin Pac-Man doesn't avoid ghosts, but cops. In the Game Boy game they were given different looks and personalities. One looks like a gay biker cop! :P For $3.00 it's really worth the download. I really liked this release, cause by trying to play it with emulator on my DS, the game was robbed of sound. That made it pretty unplayable.

It's a kinda funny how they avoided making Lupin look like Pac-Man at the start, by having him red and square. Then they slowly made him look more and more like Pac-Man. By the time the 1990 game was released they said "fuck it!" and he was yellow with a huge mouth. Even the US release isn't too subtle about it. The cops are all dark blue, like scared ghost monsters.

Unlike Pac-Man, Lock'N Chase had an ending. It also had a 'special world' that unlike Mario 3D Land didn't reuse the same levels and make them harder, it had new mazes. ;P

All this news of Pac-Man on DVD started with me finding these old Donkey Kong Bootleg stickers online. Remember when you could find so many different puffy bootleg stickers in variety stores and stuff? Ah, the good old days.
You just don't see that anymore. Sure you find some stuff in where they do flat stickers with official art in China Towns, but it's not the same as when you find puffy stickers like this. Stickers were someone has done their own interpretation, or just a neat cheap knock off. There's some cool Star Wars ones out there too, that are easy to find. I don't think I have seen these Donkey Kong ones before. Of course corporations are pretty happy about these pretty much vanishing I am sure.
Here's hoping Season 2 with Super Pac-Man won't be far behind.


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