Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warlord Meets Warlord Part 2!

Well the two warriors fought it out and it looks like John Carter is the winner (for now.) His heart must be racing with anticipation to release his seed all over the older warriors chest. After a crushing defeating John Warlord of Mars has bonded up Travis Morgan's arms and legs. The DC Warlord must have felt so weak and helpless when he tied a length of rope round his ball sack and shaft. He begged John to stop when he felt John pulling, stretching and pinching his foreskin lips tight. He winced as he watched in horror as he tied up his thick foreskin lips so roughly. This was to seal in any juices that might soon leak out. John rubs his dick head on his preys nipple. "This is gonna be fun."
What will happen next? :O

Thanks again to FallenAngel for doing such a wonderful job on this. Hee hee, we haven't done a bondage image before, so this was a ton of fun to do. I just had to have that foreskin tied up! :P Really love the coloring and line work on this one. Awesome picture. This was going to end here, but Fallens work has inspired me to request some more. ;D


  1. They'll have a good "sword match" :3 - FallenAngel

  2. You can see Travis has yet to back down. He's got the look of utter defiance.

  3. John's too cocky. 'He's gonna get a hurt' if he's not careful. XD



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