Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Merlins Magical Cum Shot

The Adventures of Merlin is another show who's star I became infatuated with. Though, unlike the recent Teen Wolf, this started around Halloween 2010. Colin Morgan is such a cute skinny guy. He's got this nerdy charm to him, that's very hard to describe. I really got into the show around Christmas when Space was playing a marathon. This allowed me to watch the episodes from the start, which was of course great. I think everyone on the net has noticed the more then slight boys love going on in this series between Merlin and Arthur. Anyway, I actually attempted some Merlin yaoi around October 2010, but that never came to be. After watching a bit of the marathon, I decided it was time to really go for it. I asked two artists to take him on and here today I proudly present the first of the images. This one is wonderfully done by Darain821!

Darian821 did a fantastic job on catching Colin Morgans likeness while turning him into a cartoon version of his character. After seeing the work he did on Teen Wolf, I could help but ask him to take on the challenge of Colin as well! I really like the superb job he did on the hair. It's just so think and magnificent looking. He also came up with a great idea for the perspective. :D

Merlin Chills. He doesn't look to impressed at being naked on this site! XD

I found this shot to be very interesting. It shows a very sexy side of Colin you don't really see on the show. I guess this is his 'good' side?

A challenge of commissioning this character and of drawing him is his hair, which switches around every so slightly every so often.

Merlin can't wait for his next outing here, but Shhhhhhh...okay? XD


  1. Did I ever tell you that as it turns my grandmother is a major fan of this show (she can't recall any of the characters names but she watches it constantly and is like "You should watch it")

    But his is cute! I like the perspective ESPECIALLY. The angle gives it that "Oomph"

  2. No you never told me that before. I can understand why though. It's a fairly clean, sorta old school, family show. Maybe that is one of the reasons I like it as well. :P

    Thanks for the kind comments! Yeah the perspective is really cool!

  3. Awesome hot work Darian821 , love the magic effect - FallenAngel



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