Monday, January 30, 2012

Sexy Till the Finich By Aneros

The story of how this awesome piece came to be is pretty interesting. So last week Thursday, just before I got really sick, I spent an evening chatting with Aneros. At one point the conversation fell to Popeye. I remarked about how popular he was back in the early 80s. How the character and game was a strong influence on me growing up. Then how one day Popeye just sorta vanished from Canadian TV. I showed him some of the intros from the old cartoons I watched on Saturday morning, mostly thru reruns on Global TV, when I was very young.

Popeye's Treasure Hunt Intro. Awesome stuff.

1979 All New Popeye Hour Intro.

1980 All New Popeye Hour Intro. Love how Hanna Barbara would include both shows in one intro. Gave the whole thing a feeling of togetherness. Nowadays shows like Scooby Doo don't even include characters from their past, never mind other HB creations. It's sad. No one has ever uploaded the final seasons intro which featured Prehistoric Popeye and Olive in the Army. It was called the Popeye and Olive Oil Comedy Show.

He really got me thinking. Something popped into my mind and I did a random item search on E-bay. What I uncovered was something of a treasure. A piece of Popeye memorabilia I had not seen since Halloween 1985, when I got what was surly the last of it's kind in my trick, or treat bag. The Hilroy Popeye Drawing Pad!

With numerous covers and instructions on how to draw my favorite characters, I would sit for hours and draw on my Popeye pads. My mom would gladly buy me these from variety stores. Anything to prevent me from drawing more Pac-Man on her Bing Crosby Christmas Albums. :P When I was done, I would cut out the characters from the how to page and make little cardboard figures with them. I have no doubt these pads, given to me at a young age, fueled my love of art and drawing. So when I did find the pad, overwhelmed with nostalgia, I purchased it right away. Once it comes in the mail, I will post better pictures of it. I searched for years for these things. I have a funny feeling they were only sold in Canada, making them very scarce. I have Aneros to thank for two things today. ^O^

Then Aneros asked me what kind of foreskins I like the most. I was in retro land at that point and didn't put two and two together. I got up for a bit and when I came back there was a very childhood rocking e-mail waiting for me! Yup, it was the image way above! XD He completed the image some time yesterday. It's really cool. Just check out that fantastic coloring and shading. When do you see Popeye get that much attention even in production art? I thought the exaggerated low hanging balls were pretty sexy and very fitting for Peopeye. It's great how he made Popeye in his style, giving him a hot sexy body, but still keeping in tune with cartoon characters key characteristics. I never thought I would be turned on by the spinach scarfing sailor man! :P Thanks so much Aneros. Getting this certainly gave me a jolt that confirmed, the only weakness I had left was an inability to keep my hands out of my pants! XD

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  1. After Popeye Treasure Hunt, have yeah seen the once "update" series that he and Olive married and have a son that hates spinach's taste? :) thats a good series- FallenAngel



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