Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warlord Meets Warlord

It's been way too long since FallenAngel drew John Carter of Mars. So today, I have the first of two exciting images to present. We decided that his John had to come back with a good enough purpose. (we hope you will agree.) A face off between two classic warlords, this upstart being DC Comics very own sexy daddy WARLORD.

Two legends clash, but who will be the victor?

Truth be told, I have been itching to get some Warlord images done for some time. I only recently discovered the character. I really need to read this series. It sounds like something out of an Edgar Rice Burroughs style book. (Making the pairing even more sweet.) Fallens take on Travis Morgan is super hot. He removed the loin cloths on both men. A great choice as it gives us such a nice view! These are just the kind of characters I love to see Fallen take on have at each other. Thanks so much Fallen. can't wait for part 2!

Travis is such a hot character. I have to really doubt that his creator could be anything but gay! LOL. Just take a look at these images from the original run:

There was even toys based on the series. I actually DO remember these. They were pretty short and stumpy. I had no idea where they were from at the time. I just assumed they were part of the He-Man line, or some sort of rip offs. (I was 5, or 6 when I saw them!) Until recently I had all but forgotten about them.
That is one gay ass toy. Gotta love the 80s! :D


  1. Just look at his allies, Hercules and Arak :D -FallenAngel

  2. I still wonder about these comics. They basically say without China there'd never be a gun in the history of EVER.

    Can ONLY China invent gunpowder? Even in space comics they skip right to LASERS.

    Blah, just thinking out loud.

    It is a cool pic Fallen. Sword fight...and "Sword fight"? haha

  3. Ah, see this is a problem I have with commissioning images of characters I know very little about. Aside from an episode of Justis League, I know little of this character. I haven't read any of the comics, so I don't know if there is anything offensive in the material that may cause me to dislike it. For now, I am just marveling at the sexiness of his design and his world as described in some texts. Sometimes like a good porn actor, a super hero/comic character is more enjoyable the less you know about them! XD Still, I am eager to read the comics, at least the early ones. I have no interest in the failed retries to gather interest in the series long after its cancellation.

  4. Oh no no! lol You misunderstand me.

    I mean the genra in general. The Barbarian or "Last Man on Earth" style comics (where you basically have one strong masculine male who is THE human male and all other men aren't quite so manly in his presence)

    I just saw the swords and it made me recall like "Why do these comics ((and books by extension)) never involve guns?" Like...they're supposed to have advancements and super races or an "enlightened people" are often floating about...but that doesn't seem to make a grade.

    It's more an...analytical observation. Like "What are the makers of the genre trying to say or do?"

    I know on one hand they want to do away with "easy solutions". Guns shoot, and and enemy dies. The challenge is increased with you use traditional or ancient weapons.

    But I feel as if there's something under the surface, and the China connection kind of sticks out when you think about. Its really where WE got gun powder, and it's what's always missing in these comics and books (or rather, it's already been destroyed, doesn't exist yet, is far away in a misty mysterious land a-la Conan, etc.)

    I just wonder if the author's were ever conscious of that when writing and creating this stuff, and makes me think of what our world WOULD be like without China's advances.

    Would we be more like the characters in the genre? Would we have more...legendary men and women stepping up?

    Conjecture concjecture. Don't mind me.

  5. OH that's all very interesting Jubell. XD I am not sure, but I think things would be about the same. Funny enough the Warlord comic has him using guns. Maybe this made him rise above the 'savages' of the land he fell into? John Carters Mars also has various firearms, but men are all very brave and daring on Mars. It's hard to say what the effects on the real world would have been. There would probably be a lot more animals, that's for sure. :(

  6. Hmm... I've not heard of this Warlord character before but, you're right, those images are pretty homoerotic, the first two in particular. :D Thanks for commissioning these hot artworks! :)

    1. No problem! If you ever find the comics, let me know.



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