Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome To Disney John Carter

Redbones is an artist with quite the ability to draw Disney hunks, among others. His works include some amazing group shots of the men. Looking at his recent works got me thinking that John will soon be in the Disney Family. So I think a little welscome is in order. I asked Red Bones if he could attempt to give John a bit of Disney style and have him meet up with my favorite hero Hercules. The results was something very fantastically sexy and fun!

He did a wicked job on both guys as you can see. Loving the big smile and the I the uncontrolled hair on Herc. I have to give a nod to that nice circumcision scar on John too! Both have nice big bubbling muscles. Mmmmm what I wouldn't do to get in bed with that tanned Hercules! :D Maybe we need to continue this series, before the DC Warlord stuff? :P
Thanks Redbones! The commission process was very quick and smooth.

You can check out his Tumblr here:

1 comment:

  1. Well Disney got the rights for the upcoming movie at least we're not seeing him standing on the martian hill and start singing^^;

    Nice hot artwork BTW - FallenAngel



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