Monday, January 30, 2012

Enslave That Monkey

Hey guys. I had a HORRIBLE weekend health wise, but a glorious weekend art wise. I pretty much did my best to stay off the PC, only posting quickly here and there on Facebook. So in order to catch up, I am going to do a few quick posts. (Else I wind up like I did in 2009 and I still have stuff from that year I haven't posted!)
Okay so first off some Monkey Business courtesy of Nookiedog. I got Enslaved Odyssey to the West for Christmas in 2010. I really enjoyed the game. Yeah it's got it's flaws. Like I had to redo some sort of factory stage when it glitched and the puzzle I was doing screwed up. All in all I did enjoy the title. Monkey is certainly very sexy. Right after getting the game I think I was in talks with Nookiedog about doing a piece featuring the character. He sent me some cool line right away too. He really liked the idea. (The game gave him some troubles though!) Through 2011 I did not seen much cool erotic art of him, besides one nice one from Branchlaw, where he's getting jerked off. So when I got the completed image a couple days ago I felt really excited to be able to share with the world some tantalizing art of this neglected hero.

Super tight chest, thick full cock, a little pepper on the pubes and some dust and grime for that gruff, tough, hunka man look and I am sold!!! :D What a heart stealing comeback Nookie!

A sweet gift from an even sweeter guy. This exclusive image is part of a set. This one features his foreskin all the way over his head. To see the others you will have to go to Nookiedogs blog! :D It's been way too long since the world has last seen Nookiedog do any kind of erotic male art. So long in fact that I was getting e-mails wondering where he was and if he was okay from friends and fans! He is of course just fine, but very busy with life! I as well hope he makes time for art, cause when I see an image like this, with so much detail and hard work put into it, I can't help but HUNGER for more! :D hee hee.

Here is some official art. (I like Nookies much better! XD)

Should I continue to commission more from Enlsaved?
I want lots more Monkey Business!!! Forget you Mario! XD
If you want more MONKEY take a look at the Nookieblog:

This is totally random. I found it last night and just had to post it. Can you imagine an Atari Golden Girls game? This game would have rocked. I couldn't stop laughing when I found it. :P


  1. Love Golden Girls. Sophia was so hilarious.

    I'd ride a porcupine to play that game.



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