Monday, January 16, 2012

Merlin and Aurthur By Jubell

Yeah going back to this obsession of mine, Adventures of Merlin porn. To understand this fucking sweet image by Jubell, I gotta tell you guys the story behind it. While I was half watching the marathon, I caught a very interesting line. Aurthur had entered a jousting competition in disguise, but still has Merlin as his servant. (Great plan to keep in incognitus, take the guy that's constantly by your side with you.) Anyway one line caught my attention. After proving himself Merlin remarks that Aurthur really IS good with a lance. I wasn't watching the screen, but due to the delivery of the line, I immediately thought of the following image:

I have to thank Jubell a lot for taking the time to make such memorable caricature of these two characters. The image is both funny and sexy. That big cock is almost as big as Merlins ears! XD Ha ha ha, yeah Colin has some cute monkey ears. :P I also liked the fact that instead of a suit of armor, Jubell put Aurthur in his chest revealing leather outfit. Kinda has a nice Anakin Skywalker vibe to it. Excellent coloring and highlighting on both men. That expression makes me wonder if Aurthur might be under a slight spell from Merlin? Hmmm..I doubt he would protest. There's so much unintentional sexual tension between these two in this show it's not funny. Thanks so much Jubell!


  1. OMG Merlin is so well done ! I'm not fan of the show at all but there's definitely a lot of gay subtext in it and this version is both sexy and really really funny ! XD

    1. Thanks for the cool comment Ga_L. It's I hear that a lot from people, that the show doesn't appeal to them. I can understand why. I like it, even though I know it has it's fault. I think I can feel less self conscious about my enjoyment of it, since at least it doesn't get the Twilight hate. XD

  2. Oh dear. One day I'll learn to recognize my own images. Cause really? I saw the preview thumbnail and was like "Who the hell...oh...wait...did I DRAW this?!"

    And that leather outfit was too cute/hot. I was like "What fun"

    The other outfit I would have liked is Arthur in nothing but that towel from that one episode. But...the wouldn't make any sense O.O

    1. LOL, anything can happen when images get shrunk in previews I guess. Often I will look at things and think I have seen them before, or not realize I haven't seen them prior due to the shrinkage. I forgot to e-mail you that I posted this.
      Yeah that's a great outfit to choose Jubell! I like it a lot.
      I didn't see the towel episode. Did they even have towels back then?



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