Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Cold, So Let's Take The LONG ROAD TO THE SEA

It's a chilly Sunday morning in January as I write this. I need some warming up. Anyone want to buy me a ticket to the tropics?....... I didn't think so. The next best thing would be turning the heat up and escaping to the beach with Aki, the protagonist from the newest Class Comic 'The Long Road To The Sea.' It's a naughty romp brought to us by Joseph Hawk the artist who along with Robert Fraser created the awesome Initiation series. Much like Initiation, Long Road to the Sea is about characters getting into and going from sexual situation to sexual situation very quickly. This rapid fire technique is always fun and hot. Aki has more sex on his way to beach then most of us have in a month. The writer even makes light of this. I was shown a preview from Bentcon that left me gasping for air about a month, or so ago. I didn't think the actual comic would be out so quickly. It's a very lovely surprise start to the year at Class Comics.

I really enjoyed the book on many levels. The book features a wide variety of men. From middle age to late teens. The fact that the main character is Asian was a huge plus. (I think Aki might be Japanese.) We need more Asian guys in porn. XD The humor and the slightly bisexual scene with a big green dildo that reminded me of Locus, was also very welcome. It's nice to see Class doing some light bi stuff every so often. Foreskin lovers will really enjoy this title as everyone is uncut.
The whole comic has a very Kristen Bjorn vibe to it. The quick sex, the innocents of the characters, situations and even the look of the men give the book a little charm reminiscent of his films. The soldiers in particular remind me of the South American characters often placed in those films.

Aki can't even come in from a storm without winding up in an orgy. That beach towel is not gonna be very sanitary in a few moments. ;P

My favorite character was the beach salesmen who bares a striking resemlance to Jason Momoa. OMG this guy is soooo dreamy. You just want to lick him up one way and down the other! The scene is cum inducinly hot. Young Aki reaches for the trinket attached to his giant uncut cock, when asked if he wants anything the peddler has to offer. Which leads to more sex on a Aki's beach towel.

The book is only $3.99 in digital form, but it's also on sale right now for $6.99 in the traditional printed format from Class Comics!

Long Road To The Sea will have you cumming in the ocean!
It certainly had that effect on Jason! XD


  1. Man he's gonna be sore for weeks! :D - FallenAngel

    1. I don't think he will want to get sea salt up his sore bum at this point.... ;P



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