Sunday, April 30, 2017

Barbarian Sunset

Hey guys, what better way to end the weekend than a glorious view of two warriors caught in a passionate pose?  Here we have the God Barbarian Acamas and Prince Rah-Im lasciviously done by none other than Caravaggia.  The blushing barbarian erupting his godly load on the young prince, is quit a site to take in by any mortal.   It was such a delight to have Caravaggia contributing here again.  He really gave it her all.  I have to wonder about the nature of the structure behind Acamas.  Is it man made?  Is it Ivory, or bone? Something very large was stood in this quiet desert valley.  Perhaps it was part of the prince's kingdom?  Hmmm..Maybe I am asking the wrong questions here.  A better one would be if after unloading himself, will Acamas feel up to the task of taking all that big brown cock up his ass?  Rah-Im is certainly looking for a 'heavenly' time!

It is time to rise and take in the the glorious site of Prince Rah-Im by Urbanmusiq!  This hunky sketch was part of a little birthday surprise for FallenAngel.  A totally solid gift from one passionate Pinoy to another,  funded by yours truly. Leon De Leon pours on the beef for all to enjoy in his envisionment of the newest star in FallenAngels stable! You know I actually wonder, is Rah-Im a play on Ramen?  I certainly want to eat him up each time I see him.  There is still lots to come in our princely buffet, with Caravaggia and Yelmo contributing next!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Twink With Tusks

Today was the first beautiful day of the year.  The first real day of spring!  So to honour the suns return to splendor, we have another return I hope you will find a little wonderful.  Trish who is a prehistoric faun has finally returned to the kingdom, all thanks to FallenAngel.  It's been many, many years and I am happy to welcome him back in his first ever picture by Fallen.  The image warmed might heart even more than the sun this afternoon.  

For those wondering, Trish is neither a Water Deer, or a Chinese deer, but an amalgamation of Hoplitomeryx and a couple other long extinct animals.  Hoplitomeryx and it's relatives lived on an Island in South Italy.  The reddish nature of the bones and the fact that some were found to have dwarfism, made me think of twinky, permanently tanned Bel Ami men, who never really look their age.  All that combined lead to his creation years ago.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lounging With Prince Rah-Im

Rise and shine everyone. It's a lovely day on Aurth, the realm where Acamas hails from.  And in that realm, on a bed, laying on satin sheets and goose down pillows is the sweet prince Rah-Im. At 27 years of age, he is a model of perfect for all his people to idolise.  He is the newest character by FallenAngel, here drawn in sensual style by Aneros.  Rah-Im is the star of a new manga series that FallenAngel has been producing for his Patreon site, though the character does appear off site in Fallens galleries as well.  The image below was drawn as a birthday gift to our friend.  The choice of drawing the prince was made by the many artists I asked to take on this task as well.  In the coming days you will see a few images of him, by some very familiar pens!
Aneros bestowed upon the prince a penis of great girth.  You can feel the weight of it just by looking at the image alone. . Jerking if off would take a warriors strength!  It would be surprising if the prince DIDN'T use this as a weapon in the battle field and the boudoir!!!   His balls are like two perfect jaw breakers, begging to be sucked.  Such an awesome picture!  There are two versions.  One with the foreskin a little tighter around the head, then the other!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gladiator and Slave Perform At The Party

Siro's naughty boys Caio and Bell couldn't wait for guest to arrive.  True we started the party for Sirio a little late this year, but it's no excuse for such behaviour!  Getting naked, fucking like mad and eating all the party food.  Well Caio did. Not sure if Bell even got a decent piece of cake, from the looks of it.

A super huge thank you to FallenAngel for doing this awesome piece.  Many happy returns of the day to our mutual dear friend Sirio.  May all your birthdays have warriors in them!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Feeling A Bit Horse

Hey guys! FallenAngel is feeling really horse these days... So horse, it's coming out his his work.  He's fighting off his cold like a Lion with a horses body...The man is LEGEND.  I hope this image proves to be a breath of fresh air in your collection. A very wild image, of a horny centaur, three different ways for you to enjoy.  We got a nice switch of uncut, then cut and even clean!!! Poor FallenAngel really is battling a terrible cold. I hope the horses heat made him feel a bit better...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Adventures Of Teenage Vann Illia

Okay guys time to reveal one of the ongoing projects I have for this year.  As you already know from the blog title, we will be exploring the early history of Vann Illia!  Over the course of the year I hope to introduce you to some of his best friends growing up, his teachers, his adventures and of course his early sexual explorations.  You will see how he grew and he matured...well physically anyway. :P
We start with Lastmanoutheres divine image! In this scene, we have a meeting in the enchanted fairy forest, where Vann happens upon his not yet friend Peng.  You see, like Vann, being half human has made Peng a bit of an outsider in the eyes of the young human warriors they train with.  Unlike Vann he can't easily hide what separates him from the other boys.  Wings are pretty prominent, unlike ears.  Not so easy to ignore, or dismiss.  And fairies, much more than elves, are seen as troublesome among most human tribes.  Ignorance?  Perhaps.  Unfair treatment?  For sure.  He has been teased a lot more because of it.  This has made him a bit of a loner with a rough attitude.  Vann sees through this front to the good in him though.  Vann knows all the boy needs is a true friend. At least, that is his speculation.  As sexy and inviting as that cock and perfect frame are, Vann knows that for now, it's best to admire from afar.  A complement offered, is a safer choice, than an unwanted advance.  Although, even at this age, Vann is enough to tray to take what he wants...Actually especially at this age, with his hormones raging like mad!

A huge hearty thank you to Lastmanouthere who even while traveling around Europe and workin his sexy butt off, made time to take my little sketches and create not one, but two images.  This is already inspiring a whole set of new pieces!!!!  Check out the inspiring Kaleidoscope Vann image he created!  Would make for a sweet card back!!! Hmmm...the Vann Illia deck building adventure game...I like the sound of that! ;D


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