Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Adventures Of Teenage Vann Illia

Okay guys time to reveal one of the ongoing projects I have for this year.  As you already know from the blog title, we will be exploring the early history of Vann Illia!  Over the course of the year I hope to introduce you to some of his best friends growing up, his teachers, his adventures and of course his early sexual explorations.  You will see how he grew and he matured...well physically anyway. :P
We start with Lastmanoutheres divine image! In this scene, we have a meeting in the enchanted fairy forest, where Vann happens upon his not yet friend Peng.  You see, like Vann, being half human has made Peng a bit of an outsider in the eyes of the young human warriors they train with.  Unlike Vann he can't easily hide what separates him from the other boys.  Wings are pretty prominent, unlike ears.  Not so easy to ignore, or dismiss.  And fairies, much more than elves, are seen as troublesome among most human tribes.  Ignorance?  Perhaps.  Unfair treatment?  For sure.  He has been teased a lot more because of it.  This has made him a bit of a loner with a rough attitude.  Vann sees through this front to the good in him though.  Vann knows all the boy needs is a true friend. At least, that is his speculation.  As sexy and inviting as that cock and perfect frame are, Vann knows that for now, it's best to admire from afar.  A complement offered, is a safer choice, than an unwanted advance.  Although, even at this age, Vann is enough to tray to take what he wants...Actually especially at this age, with his hormones raging like mad!

A huge hearty thank you to Lastmanouthere who even while traveling around Europe and workin his sexy butt off, made time to take my little sketches and create not one, but two images.  This is already inspiring a whole set of new pieces!!!!  Check out the inspiring Kaleidoscope Vann image he created!  Would make for a sweet card back!!! Hmmm...the Vann Illia deck building adventure game...I like the sound of that! ;D

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