Sunday, April 30, 2017

Barbarian Sunset

Hey guys, what better way to end the weekend than a glorious view of two warriors caught in a passionate pose?  Here we have the God Barbarian Acamas and Prince Rah-Im lasciviously done by none other than Caravaggia.  The blushing barbarian erupting his godly load on the young prince, is quit a site to take in by any mortal.   It was such a delight to have Caravaggia contributing here again.  He really gave it her all.  I have to wonder about the nature of the structure behind Acamas.  Is it man made?  Is it Ivory, or bone? Something very large was stood in this quiet desert valley.  Perhaps it was part of the prince's kingdom?  Hmmm..Maybe I am asking the wrong questions here.  A better one would be if after unloading himself, will Acamas feel up to the task of taking all that big brown cock up his ass?  Rah-Im is certainly looking for a 'heavenly' time!

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